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23rd Aug 2019 from TwitLonger

ENCE and my future

Hey people,

I've been benched from ENCE. This came out of the blue for me, and at first it hurt. Now, I just have to deal with it. Despite the hardships, such as a failure at a tournament or having differing opinions, we were still able to stay on the right path and reach success.

We built this team from scratch. I'm proud to say that I was a part of the team's growth from being potential to being elite. This has been a rewarding journey for me and now it's coming to a close. 

Next up is the Berlin Major -- it will be the my last tournament with ENCE. Regardless of that, I hope we make it look EZ one more time.

I want to thank the whole team and ENCE's management for the last 17 months. I'll remember the laughs and good times. And also a huge thanks to all the fans for the ongoing support. Your encouragement has been important to me.

As for my future, I'm eager to continue playing. I've learned a lot, which I want to put in use for whatever comes next.

I'm open for international offers. You can contact me via Twitter DM / email: or ENCE's management regarding my contract.


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