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19th Aug 2019 from TwitLonger

my 2019 season and my future

I've decided to make a post about this to clear up a lot of misunderstanding from fans and maybe even fellow pros who took their own take on why my year went well...... pretty shit

100T - To start off the year I was extremely excited to join 100T and be surrounded by absolutely insane players and a great org. Long story short we didn't perform well with the amount of talent we had and honestly it came down to one of us just having to go to make things work (we had role issues.) Every single one of us on that team are winners at heart so losing without making a change wasn't gonna fly and we all knew something had to change after the PLQ. I know a lot of fans take on the situation was that I got kicked because I'm unplayable with and I can promise you that's not the case at all, not even close and you can ask any prior teammates of mine and they will say the same thing. / Also side note I want to apologize to @Nadeshot and everyone at 100T for how the departure went, I know I didn't handle it the best I just felt so wronged at the time (I was being a salty kid) and I do sincerely apologize there was just a lot of miscommunication during the change period which led to me feeling wronged. After taking time to reflect I know it was just that, miscommunication. MUCHO LOVE to everyone @ 100T tho 4r u guys r the goats

nV - not gonna make this story long we had a good London event on little practice but after that we ran into the same problems as my old team which was role issues and during the league the ways we were losing were just heartbreaking and broke our teams moral. Cuyler departing after Anaheim changed everything in terms of changes that could've been made and the power just wasn't in my hands so that's that. NO BAD BLOOD TOWARDS ANYONE (PLAYERS + MANAGEMENT <3)

After nV I was supposed to join a league team but lets just say I guess it wasn't in the cards for me so I made an open team with all SnD kids because I wanted to take a gamble and one of them didn't make their flight. I would talk more on it but there's no point who cares really.

Everyone's perception of my year is he (me) clearly isn't the worst player on the team how is he getting dropped (gotta be his attitude) but I promise that's not it. Lets just say very unlucky circumstances caused everything in this year to happen but I'm planning to bounce back and go as hard as I can so that something like this will never happen again. I know I have the talent nothing has changed I'm still the top prospect that I always was and I'm just looking forward to the future and hopefully to get picked up by a franchised team (I'm currently still signed with nV.) i did not proof read this because thats how raw it is xoxo

-- f3f3 mucho love

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