Erdenetsogt "@erkaStCSGO" Gantulga

I first met Erdenetsogt "erkaSt" Gantulga in April 2017 at an Australian LAN where he was competing under Team Immunity.
He was a tough looking Mongolian dude who from memory, after losing their series and being eliminated, came outside and bear-hugged his significantly smaller looking teammate.
This teammate turned out to be my dear friend Sean "@GratisfactionNZ" Kaiwai.

After a bit of networking (huge thank you to @Raesos_), I officially got in touch with Erk where he expressed interest in himself and his team leaving their current organisation and joining a new one.
I remember him telling me that he wanted to "not be a new chapter, but the first chapter in a new book".

On June 20th 2017, Erk and the team at the time put their trust in me - we became Grayhound.

It quickly became apparent that Erk and my professional partnership was much more than that; we were genuine friends.

Thanks to his guidance and knowledge of the local CSGO scene and my trust in him from the beginning, we have only gone from strength to strength to strength.

It's been a long ass fucking journey to get to where we are now.
Once upon a time we lived in a world where we would have drinks at a 'boot camp' for a far too distant from memory LAN discussing potential roster changes to now, sitting in Sweden, (endless thank you to @Xtrfy) boot camping for our second Major.

It pains me to no end to write that Erk will be leaving Grayhound after this Major.

We have been unsuccessful in obtaining a Visa for him to live, permanently or temporarily, in Australia.
Up until now he has been living in Australia on a Student Visa where he has simultaneously been living the life of a student and professional CSGO player.

It's not over yet as we have one last mission; the Major.
We will all give it our best and go out with a bang.

Erk - we'll always be friends, no matter what.

Thank you, old friend,
William "mrgrayhound" Gray

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