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14th Aug 2019 from TwitLonger


I thought I’d make a twitlonger to let anyone who cares know that this is my official department from the RL scene. Not that I was relevant on the scene recently anyway but yeah.

Assuming my medical evaluation goes well I’ll be joining the US Army and leaving for training on September 16th!

This game has been so much fun and I’ve made friendships and memories that will always stick with me. I know there are plenty of you that I’ll stay in contact with 😉

My competitive history in this game was mainly a disappointment but I appreciate anyone who was there to enjoy the journey with me!

I know there are plenty of people who didn’t like me and I had my fair share of shit talking so I apologize to anyone who thought poorly of me, but I think the people who I was close with knew that I had good intentions (for the most part).

So yeah, ✌️

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