CCS Women’s League

Alright, I don’t really know how to word all this, but I’m gonna try.

Awhile back, when the Brazilian scene announced that they were coming out with an all female circuit, I was not supportive. I was in the whole mindset, “if I can do it, why can’t they. Why do they get their own league?” I have since seen the error of that mindset.

On almost a weekly basis, I get DMs from fellow females asking how I put up with the harassment that they’ve seen me get, how I deal with all the negative things that the MEN in this scene say to me. I’ve gotten anywhere from rape threats, SWAT threats, dossing my entire family, stuff like that. Why should ANY FEMALE HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT JUST FOR PLAYING COMP? Of course they’re gonna be afraid to play in a competitive scene, have y’all seen twitch chat any time I play in anything at all? It’s ridiculous.

To the boys that are throwing a fit saying “where is our men only league?” First of all, get off your high horse. I’m not saying you guys don’t get shit talked and blah blah, but you do not get it to the same extent as most of the females do, and to the guys who have gotten it, I apologize. It’s not fun, huh.

Give the girls a chance to discover something. Maybe it’s something they find out they really enjoy doing, maybe it’s not for them. MAYBE WE FIND A FEW ABSOLUTE KILLERS THAT GET PICKED UP BY A CL TEAM, WHO KNOWS. But you gotta give them a chance. “They’re just words on the internet, they shouldn’t hurt.” Go say those exact words to your mother, and tell me if she slaps you.

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