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7th Aug 2019 from TwitLonger

Team Romania Official Status

Due to lack of sponsors and lack of interest from Blizzard to actually do something right for once instead of cutting costs everywhere to fuel their subpar viewer count league, Team Romania will not be coming to Blizzcon this year to participate as we do not have the money for it.
This year's OWWC was the most oppresing one so far with Blizzard imposing the most retarded rules and restrictions on us on everything we want to post, even refusing at one point to give spare jerseys to the countries for giveaways. (they later went back on this decision, thank fuck).
90% of the countries committees have been pulling sketchy shit behind their team's back and it already seems people are coming up and talking about these problems, which is good.
Leak whatever you want about Romania, dream was dead before it happened.


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