SSC ban

So I got a call today from SSC higher ups saying that due to the traction from complaints about me being allowed at Smash Con they can't allow me to attend. A few weeks ago I had been told I could attend, but would be under close surveillence, and on a zero tolerance basis where I could be kicked for an incident of any sort. This did not concern me, Im certain the weekend wouldve gone by without any issues. I decided I would not drink at all, or be involved with anything of that sort, as I stated in this video I made after CEO

My weekend was gonna specifically revolve around my play, and seeing my friends. I've been in this community for over 4 years, Ive been around MDVA for all that time, except the last 4 months. Its disappointing that while people who have actually known and interacted with me for years were looking forward to my return to the region, that cant happen because of impressions people got from a story about me; one with significant truths, but also significant lies. There's no coincidence behind that, what happened at CEO does not reflect who I am, and those who know that, know. People keep running with this idea that this has happened before, but it hasn't and I don't even know why people think that. The extent of what I had done at previous majors was tell mean jokes to people (which I also address in the video).

In light of the CEO incident, a lot has happened. I have enrolled in on going rehab/therapy sessions and been to a few so far, my college put me on disciplinary probation and suspension from a school team, they also had me write an essay about how I'll be better, I reached out to Riot to offer sending him money for hid controller which he never responded to, I was banned from pretty much everything in the South and CEO events for an indefinite amount of time, even from locals in my area for 3 months in spite of our TO (and my roommate) not wanting to ban me, but did so in fear of chastisement, and now we can add a ban from Smash Con via Twitter outrage to that list. I understand the decision from SSC staff, but for me personally too much has been lost from actions that were stupid and unnecessary, and I know I need to better than I have been, and I know I will be. I just want to know at what point its decided a lesson has been learned? At this point getting involved with troublesome incidents is literally the last thing Im going to do. I just want to do what I love, and rebuild.

To the MDVA homies, I'll be seeing y'all soon regardless ❤

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