Benched in @BIGCLANgg

Of course there are more details, but I will keep it short.

First of all: thanks to the BIG staff, who welcomed me great and took good care of me during my time there if it was at home or in Berlin.

I am obviously disappointed, how this all turned out: knowing that I couldn‘t show at all what I improved upon, while I was absent from the really big tournaments, due to playing AWP in a dysfunctioning team because of roles. One of the reasons why I switched over from Sprout (which was a really hard decision as the team and organisation has great potential), was because it was signalised to me that we would build something long-term and switch things up in the long run with me.

How everything turned out is disappointing for everyone of us and everyone imagined things would be different and more successful.

Nonetheless, I will not give up and keep improving on my mistakes and flaws as a player and a person.

I don’t know what my future holds, as I am still under contract. I will go to vacation and then evaluate everything that happened.

Thanks everyone and hopefully see you soon.

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