thank you VP - RT's appreciated


as of today my contract with @Virtuspro expires and I would love to say huge thank you to Virtus.Pro for giving me this opportunity of playing for such a great organisation and to present what I'm made of.

Also a big big thanks to @VPmichu for telling the guys to test me. He saw potential in me and believed in me until the end and I'm thankful for having him as a friend of mine!

Big shoutout to @kuben_tt for teaching me some lessons not just ingame but also outside of the game and @dvoryrom for being helpful anytime!

Also thanks to @snatchiecsgo @cios_snax @vegi1337 for being nice teammates.
I'm happy that I had the opportunity to play with Ronaldinho of cs, the best polish AWP and one of the biggest rifle talents in Poland! That was a lot of fun and a huge experience for me.

In the end something did not work out. Even though we reached top32 with me in the lineup (+60~ in HLTV ranking) something was not clicking. I think the problem was that the majority of our lineup was playing more aggressive incl. myself.
I gotta say that the guys told me at the start what a type of a player they want to pick up. They needed a defensive player to support the other guys/ mostly throwing nades etc. I was confident that I'm able to adapt to that role even though I'm an aggressive player in-game because I know what I'm capable of and playing for VP was my dream since I try to become a professional so how could I not at least try? Of course the guys were risking a lot but I think in the end it paid off for everybody. But after the time we all realized that it's not the way we all want to go. They guys needed a support with more experience in this role than myself and I think my subconsciousness did not really want to play that role anymore. It was more like I was forcing myself to do that than I really wanted to do that. It still was an amazing experience to learn from. I had the opportunity to play against the best teams in the world not just in practice as this was until then but also in some tournaments like ECS, Europe Minor Closed Qualifier and XL Moche in Portugal and present my skills there.

There is one mistake I've made to learn from. This is always telling the roles you prefer to play and to not experiment without any experience with other roles.

I don't have time for pauses. Gotta get back to grinding and of course I would love to represent a new team soon!
Otherwise you'll probably see me streaming a bit more and playing some FPLC/Rank S. :)

Everybody interested in my services can reach out to me here:
or just in DM's! :)

Every RT is very appreciated!

PS I'm capable of playing a lurker/semi lurker roles same as entry/second in.

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