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31st Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

A goodbye perspective

I have made the choice to post this, outside of @Tripletrouble as they have chosen not to post anything other than their farewell message.
I will try to be measured and honest but please forgive the fact that as a father I am livid at present as I am having to comfort my son, who's 3 years hard work, livelihood and career has just been destroyed in a 48 hour period.
Rewind 48 hours and we are all aware that following @Ronaky departure on Monday there were a lot of things said both publicly and privately and with a sense of anger of how his move panned out, and I'm not going over old ground, but it could have possibly been handled a little better.
Tuesday was a new day a fresh look at how @Tripletrouble could move forward and graciously @Kassio agreed to come back into the fold with @Tadpole and @Eyeignite and stated how happy he was to be back and was looking forward to going to LA to play BTS with them. They even scrimmed together and played so fast forward 24 hours and Tad gets a message from @Kassio stating that he was joining another team and gave them advance notice to be fair to him. Now some will say that he had every right as Ronaky and Tad had previously told him that they were going to try other players. and you would be right in every way...kassio had the right to do so.......however this is where things get messy and this is what is fundamentally wrong.
On Monday following Ronakys departure a team approached kassio and asked him to sign for them for which he eventually has....I know what your thinking....good luck to him. I agree however by approaching him and getting him to sign, this side knew that @Tripletrouble could no longer function as a team in RLCS and that they would take their place....
Now that is bad enough, but there is also something else ongoing at present as someone had approached BTS informing them of Kassio' s possible departure from @Tripletrouble before the team had approached BTS to inform them.which obviously meant again that the spot would become vacant....
Now as a father of a son that has just had his life ripped apart, these things are difficult to take, but as someone that has come to love this game and to have been part of the community, I feel that things like this will prevent @Rocketleague to grow and even prevent organisations coming in to the game....this is wrong, it is underhanded and it needs to be stopped.

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