Aaron Atkins · @Aero_OW

29th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

USA Overwatch World Cup 2019

Hey everyone, Aero here to talk a little bit about the USA OWWC trial process and our 12 person roster.

This year 30 players were invited to participate in a 4-week, 2-2-2 locked trial process, where the coaching staff and committee evaluated player skill, adaptability, communication, leadership, and team work. This gave players a unique opportunity to play with new, current, and former teammates. With this trial process now concluded I'm extremely happy to talk about our 12 members.

The USA has an incredible amount of talented players, so we've decided to shift the distribution of roles to have 3 main tank players and 5 DPS players in our 12 player lineup this year. With Moth and Space being particularly stand out players in their roles, we're confident that this distribution suits us well both for current and future metas.

Thank you to every participant, the tryout process was a ton of fun. Being a part of the USA's 12 person roster is a great accomplishment. A big congratulations to those that made it. To those who didn't make it, this process was extremely competitive and we didn't take any decision lightly. Keep your head up and keep grinding! The committee is extremely excited for our World Cup run this year and couldn't do it without all of the incredible fans. #WeBelieve :flag_us:

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