My NiP Story

We have to go far back, infact all the way back to 2013 when LGB Esports was created.

This was my first encounter with NiP, when after a while NiP Purchased the brand from XTRFY Which initially got it from us (The current roster at the time and myself).

LGB Male roster shut down in 2015 after the Norwegian Lineup. And LGB continued under the current NiP Brand, which then was controlled by Per and Robert, which Hicham already mentioned as the "Old Management".

Per decided to bring in Female rosters at the time. I was in charge of LGB Esports, i did all the work, controlled all the social medias and what else there was.. And i never got paid for it. (Aside from travels, food etc)

So Hicham is right in 1 thing, the old Management wasn't good either and i know they messed up alot. But neither is the current.

But apart from that, much of what Hicham tried to blame on people, seems like an effortless try to hide the skeletons in the closet.

Now let me get to the NiP Part, after Robert and Per was gone, Hicham took over, and this is where it all started, over multiple times i struggled with Hicham and my salary. I never got things that was promised at the time that was promised.

He stalled my contracts multiple times, either by ignoring me or simply saying it "will be fixed, its on the way etc".

In between doing NiP work, i did some work for different organisations.

Anyway, Back in late 2017 i joined NiP once again, after already been working with Hicham before that and experienced the exact same thing. As was going to happen again. But i decided to give it one more shot, and put my trust in him again. After having a conversation with him during Dreamhack, i actually believed he changed, as he back then gave me an apology on how things turned out the first time.

Although, i was about to find out, nothing changed. I was brought on board as Team Operations Manager for the Current OW and DOTA2 Team, which i started doing in April 2017.

It was alot of planning and alot of work in general. I was hired on and was promised a Salary untill September 2017, Every month, multiple times i had to ask for my Contract, which i never got. The DOTA Players also struggled on getting a Contract from Hicham as he ignored their request. So they started writing to me to ask for help regarding their contracts. Hicham was aware, but NiP had issues with the player at the point wanted to take a year of school to play fulltime dota with NiP. But the player only wanted to do this, because Hicham put the idea in their head, that their contract would be extended after TI.

But then everything changed, mixed with some poor results and bad decisions, NiP decided to terminate their contract immediately. I dont question the termination, i question the way everything was handled.

I wasnt the only one at the point who struggled to get my money that was promised, a few of us did. I wrote to Hicham multiple times, trying to get an understanding and solution, Hicham refused to pay the money, and said i did poor work with the Dota2 Team, and vaguely implied it was my own fault not getting my salary. (Yes i didnt have a contract, but i did ask for it.. 10 times, if not more)

Although to this date, i still have my proof of how much the team practiced and how much i worked for them to succeed, and im sure they can vouch for that. If its ever needed.

So this is where it gets wilder, after discussion with Hicham for a long time, going back and forth, saying the money was wired (which they never did) I decided to do a joint email to everyone involved in NiP at the point about the issue, where i explained what i was promised. Which sparked a fire in Hicham.

I decided to let Hicham know i would contact a lawyer and go public back then, and i was about to, i even contacted Richard Lewis back then, but hesitated and didnt go through with it.

Hicham said that i could use WESA as an Arbitrator .. So Hicham wanted me to use WESA, where he was/is a Board Member in order to solve this matter. Obviously i refused.
Hicham tried during the time, being nice to me, saying he enjoyed working with me and alot of other nice things. Which i jumped right into with both my legs, as stupid as i was. I actually ended up in personal debt, because i was promised a salary and a job with NiP.

And never got the money.

Although a while after Hicham contacted me again and offered me once more, to work for NiP and get paid.. I decided to do it once again (Yes i know im an idiot) .. But this time, i actually got paid for the Work i did. But i guess that was him trying to solve the situation without admitting he was wrong? But what do i know?

Hicham isnt healthy in the Esports Scene, not after realizing how many people he have done such things to. He lied to me, decieved me multiple times, i dont know if this is going to make any difference. I dont know if Hicham is too proud to admit he isnt doing a proper job anymore, that he isnt good for NiP. But i would never trust him with anything again, and i swore i would never work for a person like that again.
It ended with me, giving up working with Esport, as i had some major trust issues with people after theese episodes. And i was scared i would end up in debt once again.

I do have conversations, screenshots and emails.. That can back most of this up, and i expect Hicham will imply this is a big lie. If he's even gonna bother with me.

Per and Robert was a short fase, and i never worked for NiP at the time. So again, this is on HICHAM, and no one else. I never spoke to anyone else, no one promised me things besided him. But Hicham always referred to "It was the Boards Decision, not mine" Everytime .. putting all the blame on everyone else. And not taking responsibility himself.

At last i want to clarify that my issue is solely with Hicham, not NiP the brand, not the players, no one involved.. Iv'e always been treated superbly by the likes of Johan Waltare which has been mentioned, XTRFY Has always treated me super well. And everyone else involved over the years has been Nice to me.

I know other people had issues with NiP Because of Hicham. Also people that doesnt want to come forward. I promised theese people not to mention their names, but trust me.. There is more people out there whos been screwed over.

I Might have left out or forgotten something, during this post. Theres alot to tell, and theres alot of messages. But i hope this can change something for someone.

Thanks to Robin, for having the courage to speak up, so the rest of us could follow him.

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