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18th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

Vitality PUBG current situation

Let me start from the beginning,
I was supposed to join Vitality for the 1st phase of PEL with Shadow1K, mOnKeY and Jazza
BUT it didn't happen since TEXQS got banned and I was forced to play for the Pittsburgh Knights for Phase 1 otherwise the Knights loose their PEL spot and I get a 1 year suspension for it.
I tried my best to perform with the Knights but it didn't work out since we didn't have much practice put in and I wasn't in my best shape physically and mentally in all honesty.
We ended up 12th and Vitality 10th, so they really wanted a change in their team.
They talk on their side about what happened and said that mOnKeY was the main issue, he didn't react properly to what he was told in and outside of the game.

mOnKeY and Jazza were good friends and still are, I know Jazza for more than 4 years now, we used to play another game together and sticked well with each other IRL, hung out together, even before I join so the atmosphere was good, no issues at all.

Phase 2 begins, at the end of Week 3, we were in bottom position (<TOP8)
Shadow and Nasus were showing up for us but me and Jazza were lacking individual practice.

If you didn't know, all of us except from Jazza speaks french fluently and we did a really big mistake all 4 of us speaking french most of the time outside of the game in the middle of Week 3. Shadow and Nasus were so tired of repeating themselves about mistakes done in game and out of the game that they started to speak french to let me understand how they really felt about my individual performances and that I needed to step up.

For me, it was normal, you do stupid shit, you take shit, any Pro Player will tell you that they took shit to get better, it's normal, after that, all I wanted to do is to spam PUBG to get better and I did, Jazza aswell but he took it the wrong way thinking he was the only one getting shat on and started to talk shit in our back to the other teams.

(He was going out every single Sunday after games, which is OK for everyone but you don't come back 2 days later at night, he did that multiple times when EVERYONE still needed individual practice)

Us a team, as a unit, we wanted to make the team go upwards so Sealph as the manager of the team, decided to have a talk with the team.
We talked about our issues and what went wrong at some points, I told the team I was super ashamed of my individual skills lately so did Jazza and Shadow but at the end of the conversation,
Jazza said that no matter what happens he wanted to leave the team at the end of Phase 2 and that is where everything got messed up.
Everything got heated up at the second he said it, Sealph screamed at him saying she couldn't believe it, anyone in the team couldn't but Sealph stood up for us and said that it wasn't ok and he should resign so mOnKeY can step in (we didn't know if it was possible to do so)
From someone that doesn't want to play with you anymore, why would even take that risk, your carrier, everything, gone.

After that "episode", everything was cold, I performed a bit better and Jazza aswell but he didn't capitalize on fixing his old mistakes about not listening to our IGL (positioning most-likely) and loosing his duels which made everyone thinking that he doesn't really care anymore, he just wants his salary and get out of here.

Nothing really happens for 2 weeks, we do really poorly and started to get stuck in the bottom 4 teams.

Magically, Week 7, 96 points, at one point we were 5 points away from TOP 12, we were winning our teamfights, everyone was doing well individually, we were doing good strategically, everything was smooth.
After that week, I decided to take a 3 days break to go back home, to visit my mom and my grandma that I didn't see for 6 months, my best friends aswell, but I still played, I had my PC and made sure I was on point.
During that time, Jazza went out Sunday Night and came back home Tuesday afternoon,
he was the last guy to be on his PC that night.
The next day, Jazza was the last guy to get out of his room, everyone is up (around 4PM), he plays a bit then he tells Nasus to check Vitality's discord.
He posts this :
(The rest of the conversation :
Our CGO is on this discord and sees the messages going through this channel, now you tell me why wouldn't talk to your teammates IRL about it?
At the same time, we realized that he switched mouse during the phase without even asking an admin or telling us, I found out about it later on by watching Twitch VODS : (Zowie DIVINA) (Logitech G-Pro Wireless)

Who would break his teammate mouse after having the best week of PEL and seeing the opportunity to still qualify? Someone that doesn't care anymore and wants out probably.
And to my eyes, the answer was clearly Jazza doing it, after rewatching the screenshots, you can definitely tell that the pictures got taken during the night and he says that he saw it when he woke up at 4PM the next day.
Now, tell me who do you think is lying :)
After that, he completely left the house and went to RYE's house, his Sunday night buddies, he was living his best life, going out, having friends around him and play PUBG with his friends aswell.
I came back to all this bullshit I had to catch up to and was so mad about it but nothing I could of really done except keeping my mouth shut which was really hard, I kinda failed to do so since I exploded with the rest of my team in the Pro Discord and I'm sorry about it.
I could tell that Jazza wasn't sad, he really wasn't, he had alot of friends around him that would support him towards the "rough" time he was having.
But we still managed to deal with it and let the shit flow.
At the end, we couldn't catch up, we played an ok last day and that was it for us, relegation time.
RYE left Berlin so he went to the Hotel, having no access to a computer judging by his week-old afk on Steam right before the Promo tournament.

During Relegations, we knew it's gonna be hard to qualify, and we failed, we tried so hard as a TEAM, huge shoutout to Shadow and Nasus to have such courage, all 3 of us did well stat-wise and I was happy about myself because I know what I'm capable of but I still need alot of practice to obtain the level I want since it's still a lower individual level than Pro League in my opinion.
We choked some games but nothing we could really do about it, the stats talk to themselves :

I'm not being a toxic douche, I'm just trying to make you understand that he didn't try at all and show that he didn't give a single shit anymore about the team and the possibility to be back in Pro League.

Hope that you understand my point of view of the story, I still wish him good luck to him and his next team.
For us, it's so fresh that we don't really know what we're going to do next with Shadow and Nasus
I'm speaking for myself, not for Vitality, they gave us everything we needed to do well in PEL.
Thanks for reading.

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