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12th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

Official statement - Leaving Mibr

Every book has its beginning, middle and end. We had a tough start, but we worked hard to overcome every challenge and made it to the top. In this path, we’ve faced obstacles and arguments, always with a will to prove ourselves again, and we managed to break these chains and were once again the best team in the world.

Some endings are happy, and I can truly say that, even though I’m leaving, this is not a sad ending.

We’ve tried a lot of strategies: we changed rosters, positions, but none of that worked. Sometimes, the real problem is us. One of the reasons I’m leaving is because I’m feeling demotivated and I’m stressing out too much with the way we’re dealing with the defeats; instead of trying to find the solution in the game, we’re looking for even more problems and that started to have an impact on my performance. Sadly, it didn’t work, and I’ve decided to follow my heart.

Nothing lasts forever. We still have our memories and I’m thankful for everything I’ve been through with my team. I need to find new challenges and get out of my comfort zone. I still want to prove myself more! I’ve never played for money and I never will; I play for the glory of being the best, and that’s just who I am!

The decision to leave the team was 100% mine. During the meeting, it was asked who wanted to stay and who wanted to leave, and I said I wanted to go because I wasn’t happy anymore with the way we were dealing with our problems, with the way we’ve been playing these last 7 months, and because I feel that the team doesn’t know how to use me or listen to me in the game anymore.

This decision has been in my mind for over a year. In 2018, I wanted to leave the team, but I stayed because I believed we could get better, but the defeats, arguments and other issues were tearing me apart. You don’t see me shouting, cheering, celebrating anymore, and it’s not because I don’t want to, but because it seems that I’m always exhausted when I play. Some will say: “But Cold, that’s just a bad phase; don’t run away from your problems; you’ll get back on your feet”, but everything is just so worn out that I’ve even considered quit playing. I really need to go to another place and find this will that I’ve always had. This will be my next challenge.

Regarding Blast, IEM Chicago and the Major, I’ve made it clear that I would play these tournaments for Mibr, considering how big they are, and especially because I would never leave them hanging. But since I’m not going to train with them anymore due to the new player, the team decided to play with zews. It was up to them to make this decision, and they thought it would be best to not have me in the roster.

Many will question and criticize me for believing that I’m “quitting on them”, but there is a negotiation and legal matters behind everything, and, in this break, I’ll have a longer time to not be still. After the Major, there are always some shuffles, which would open more opportunities for me. If I had decided to leave on a short notice, I could’ve missed the whole year because my buyout is too expensive. Whether or not, this is my job and I need to deal with the professional issues as well.

Life is made of choices and I decided to leave to try new things: play on a different team, get out of my comfort zone and get back to playing with a thirst for victory.

I will soon go on vacation and, in a couple of weeks, I will be in Europe to train by myself and go over the offers I’ve got. A transfer like mine should take months, because, unfortunately, my buyout is too high. But I won’t stop training. I want to start in my new team with everything I got!

I have so many people to be thankful for in this journey, especially Dead, Camila and Mibr, for always taking such good care of me!

Dead/Camila: I love you two so much! You were my parents here in America and you helped me grow as a person and taught me a lot ❤.

Teammates: Thank you for giving me an opportunity since the begging. I’ve grown, learned, cried and laughed with you, and our journey will never be erased. I will always cheer for each one of you, regardless if we’re on different paths now. Whatever you may need me for, I’ll always be there to help you. Love you, guys ❤.

And last, but not least, I wish to thank my fans, who have always supported me and have been on my side, no matter what. I’m so grateful for everyone who roots for me and, somehow, encourage me to carry on. I will get back, stronger than ever. And for my Brazilian fans, don’t worry: I’ll still be there in August to see you! 😁👊

Don’t ever forget: Losing or wining is a consequence of your work. It is best to lose giving 110% of yourself, and showing that you want to grow more and more, than to stay in your comfort zone and believing that 30% is good enough. Money and fame don’t last. But the will to win will take you where you least expect. 😄

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