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4th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

GamerLegion "Bench".

There is the bad news, I'm out of the GL team !

Big Hard blow because as you can imagine, I put so much energy to first create the team from zero and then setting up the foundations in-game/out of the game but it is how it is !

The situation is not easy to summarize but let's say that we had a lot of internal problems lately due to differents reasons (discipline/game-style/understanding of the game etc.).
I really gave my best to fix as much as I could but in the same time, you know me guys... I don't have my tongue in my pocket...

I felt that everyone was doing his thing in the team but I never really felt that we wanted to create something all together. It just look like we all had different individual interests.
Maybe it's the international team side? Should not be the case anyway.
May also be that we lacked some supportive/passive players who just do the job to make things easier for the team? Probably...

Anyway, the mood of the team was really bad lately and a change was needed to keep the team alive.

I could do better sometimes at leading or playing individually but in general I know I helped the team to be better and I'm still proud of our progression since the begining of the project.

So I will take it and I will take all the good memories I can... The begining of the team with the bootcamp, first days working in English, the lootbet win, the second place in portugal and all differents wins against top teams !

I wish good luck to each player on the team for the futur.
Special and emotional goodbye to my coach Chrille and my manager bonafide with whom I really enjoyed working ! <3

And big up to Hampus who was the good surprise of the team for me being a perfect teammate and made things easier for the team in addition to be such a complete player ! (yeah Tim is shinning in everyone's eyes so he is not a surprise =D).

I take a step back and I come with more information as soon as my mind is clear!

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