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There's a lot to unpack, so let's just do everything in order...

So I drink, not super often honestly, but at majors, yes. I was drinking on Saturday for a few hours. When I drink I do stupid ass shit sometimes. For example, as I was walking to the bathroom I saw a guy walking the other way holding a closed gallon of water and I knocked it out of his hand, just cuz I had the random urge and thought it would be funny. It wasn't, I know that. You dont need to tell me that it was stupid and not funny, I already know. That guy came up to me like "wtf dude?". I usually realize how stupid these things are only a few seconds after they happen. That doesn't excuse doing them in the first place, I know, but Im not gonna defend it afterwards. So I apologized to this guy, and said I was just being stupid, we even dapped each other and moved on from it...

A good while later I was pretty merrily drunk. Playing friendlies and MMing w/ secondaries; didnt really care about the money. All events had ended for the day and there werent that many people still there. I was drinking a bit between matches and was definitely being loud and obnoxious, but definitely not being antagonistic towards anyone. After a bit of this my roommates and I decided to go back to our room, literally for the purpose of chillin out before something over the top happens. We packed up our stuff and had walked like 15-20 ft from the setup we were at, and thats where Riot comes in basically out of nowhere...

Riot comes up, stops me, and starts basically interrogating me. I was almost totally phasing out what he was saying, but I heard the "Esam" thing come up and his tone tipped me off that this wasnt a friendly encounter. Whatever, I was for the most part ignoring what was being said and tryna continue heading out. Riot then started to push me, bump his chest into me, put his face centimeters away from my face, was talking shit, etc. I for a few seconds am trying to continue making my way out, but this dude being all in my shit makes that impossible, so I start pushing and bumping my chest back at him. This stupid "square up" bullshit went on for like 15 seconds until this random dude getting all the way in my face just pissed me off and I swung at him; only once. He swung back, and I pretty much let him punch me in the face numerous times while laughing at him, cuz I legit couldnt feel them. Just laughed and was content to start heading out with my roommates... I dont really know how, but somehow in this whole altercation his controller ends up in my possession, he says to give it back and I slammed it on the floor and he punched me again. At this point pretty much everyone still at the venue has directed their attention to this and some people get involved, including a TO named Chez who was the primary person breaking things up. He takes me aside and asks me whats going on so I say this dude (still didnt know who) ran up on me, talking a bunch of shit, then started getting in my face, and started pushing me and bumping his chest on me. He asked me who swung on who, and I said he did. While I DID actually throw the first (and my only) punch, what I meant is that he instigated and started getting physical with me first. My mind was racing and all over the place from this, and I was also pretty dazed. After Chez lets me go I go back to where this had went down where a crowd now is and say "Where is that bitch ass ****a?" a couple times... my roommates, as well as Chez then just grab me and take me out of the venue. I didnt resist that, but was trying to talk to Chez about what happened, but he wasnt having it and was just adamant to get me out. So yeah I just leave with my roommates and thats where that story ends.

I later found out that it was Riot, and that he confronted me because of the thing with the water gallon from earlier who was his friend. Now mind you, at this point that had happened well over an hour ago, and considering when that happened it didnt amount to anything with the actual guy, I had no reason to think these two things had to do with one another, so in my mind this all started out of nowhere.

Now with that context there are some important things to go over:

1. I am not saying any of this to absolve myself of responsibility here, I own up to my part and wrong-doings in all of this including throwing a punch/getting physical, the controller, the use of slurs, and so on, but really to stop this narrative being established that Riot didnt instigate at all and I just punched him with no provocation, because that is completely untrue.

2. Before the situation went overboard the build up and provocation happened very lowkey. People were playing their matches, no one was paying attention to this whole thing until it broke out into a "fight", so a lot of so called "witnesses" think they know what what down and where things started, but they really dont.

"The crowd gathered because they saw a fight developing that was being pushed further and further by riot, who was screaming at Osiris while pushing his chest into him, but Osiris was the aggressive one, suuuuuure"

- Quote from my roommate regarding this, who was literally walking next to me and was 2 ft away from start to finish. Not some "witness" who was playing friendlies and only poked their head in when they saw some shit getting ugly.

3. I have literally no idea where this rumor about me calling Chez the N word with a hard R even came from. Me and him talked about this entire thing in DMs and even from his account he says that didn't happen, which I will post in comments. I did say it without hard R, but it was directed at Riot.

4. Riot blatantly lied about me in his Twitlonger. He said Ive been "banned from many tournaments", which is a lie. In my 4+ years playing Ive only ever been banned from coming to one Tuesday weekly at Xanadu. That was for throwing my controller after SDing on last stock, and was literally years ago. He also said that at Glitch 6 I told Esam to his face I masturbate to his gf. What I actually said was that I "have his gf's premium snap". I suppose you could infer that, maybe...? But still not the same thing. (Also for the record it was a joke, I dont actually have it, please stop DMing me for the plug)

5. I keep hearing about how my "history" makes it easy to believe I would be the aggressor. I have no idea what history I have of ever being violent, closest thing up to this point was tackling someone who tried to choke me at a tournament years ago. My history of drinking at majors and being a shitter is telling crude jokes. The hilarious thing is that argument can literally be made against Riot, who has previously been in a fight at a major. Now Im not saying you SHOULD make that argument, Im just saying you COULD. It's a stupid argument either way, this situation is the only one that matters.

6. Decided Im not drinking at any majors/tournaments I go to from here forward. Or at the very least will restrict it to only in my room, or have some kind of cut off. SOMETHING of the sort. I think it'll be better for me and everyone, and Im expecting my people to hold me to that promise. This type of shit happening sucks so yeah, I'll do my part to not have it repeat.

7. I know when this type of thing happens in order to gain back trust or be allowed places people are sometimes required to go to AA or some kind of rehab and show sufficient progress towards getting help, but that would be pretty useless. I drink a lot at majors, but I'm definitely not an alcoholic. Im of legal age to buy the shit myself and go weeks, sometimes months without drinking at all. Alcoholism isnt an issue, I can just not drink.

..... and yeah, that's pretty much it. Big sorry to everyone in general, and thats my whole piece.

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