Ready to play lion...(hellandbackandbackagain)

The past week has really been hell for me, but here I am writing this because of all the love and support you guys gave me and I'm here to say thank you, and I'm gonna be alright.

I will maybe go into details some other time but I feel like not running your appetites too much 🙃
At first when I got sick I had so the symptoms of the norovirus, even had the first few doctors I spoke to tell me that it's probably it.

The vomiting didn't stop like it usually would after a 3-5 day period and I basically hadn't kept any food and barely any water down for 6.

Doctors weren't sure what was causing it and I had exhausted all physical possibilities (CT, x-ray and echo of stomach) only to exclude a physical reason for the constant emptying if my stomach.

Finally after a few days on antibiotics I started to feel normal, and the latest theory was a bacteria had found its place in my gut, living there and paralyzing my stomach.

The amount of discomfort that came with having a stomach that didn't work was so intense and I fell into a really dark place.
But I learnt quickly that people truly cared for me, and so many at that. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it.

Thank you guys, I'm so flattered and honored to receive all this love and support it really means the world to me.
I'm hoping to be back on my feet for the next series after LGD(😏) but I also know I need to take it slow so no promises.

🌻thanks for letting me borrow power🌻
Everything is gonna be alright

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