Kodak · @KodakOW

10th Jun 2019 from TwitLonger

The move to ATL Academy

‪I have decided to play alongisde @ATLAcademy and pursue the gauntlet. ‬

‪The current meta of @overwatchleague dictates a dedication to building synergy around a core six. As a result of the meta I’ve not seen as much time in as I’m used to. ‬

‪Which was the reason I decided to step down from the main team to compete in NA Contenders with @ATLAcademyOW to improve as a player and to keep competing. I am going to stay in the team house and will always be there if my help is needed. ‬

‪The Academy team has accomplished incredible things these past two seasons and only needs a slight push to hit the top and I’ll try everything I got to help us win the trophy. ‬

‪I look forward to playing with ATL Academy this @owpathtopro season and making all of our fans proud!‬

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