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9th Jun 2019 from TwitLonger

My response to my Twitch suspension situation

Hello, first of all I would like to ask you that you read the entirety of this message as I will explain the full situation from my perspective, I made mistakes in my own relaying of the story and would like to address the whole situation in a singular place after making sure I'm not making mistakes that could come off as being disingenuous. Also please pardon my english if I make any mistake, it is my second language.

I was watching Skumbagelli's stream who is a friend of mine on the 8th of June, she decided to host Savix, on stream we had just watched a clip of him telling the story of how he killed a rare naga that has a chance to drop a pretty neat trinket (Prince Nazjak for people that want to look into it), he even tweeted about said story before his stream.

A related event we weren’t fully aware of is that, during the ORIGINAL telling of the story, Twitch chat, and specifically in our case TheMunchy used emotes such as cmonBruh and TriHard, showcasing clear enabling of racist subtext, I and many others watching Skumbagelli were not present during said original telling, and only saw the clip of that small bit that was acted by Savix, Savix himself then saw the clip that we saw and said it was “taken out of context” and showed discomfort. The screenshot that sprung up on Twitter supposedly to debunk our lies was from before we even raided Savix and ended up proving the guilt of one person, the rest of us merely made a mistake.

The tweet I’m referring too > https://twitter.com/SavixIrL/status/1137021157759021057 <

We thought we'd refer to that clip as it seemed like a "highlight" of the stream, now, we quoted him poorly, and should've said " shot that naga PogYou " instead of " shoot some nagas PogYou ", the message was written on a whim for this raid and someone gave the message for raid which we didn't think much of it at the time and use that for the raid or around 15 people.

I want to come clean on this and I'm not saying it excuses the fact that it can come of as dogwhistling and has been used in the past for this, and agree I would never even consider using a message like this after seeing the reaction from the community, but the intent of the message was just to hype some rare kill that could be meaningful for Savix's rogue, I know it may sound disingenuous considering how many messages of hate and how everything I'm saying is "bullshit" but this is simply the only way I can put it, we didn't mean anything bad, we got our raid, said our raid messages messages and then interacted with chat as we normally would.

15 minutes or so after the raid, we all got banned except for two people, Saeyon and Vufo_btw, who also sent the exact same messages, we then assumed it had to be some automated bot that misunderstood us, according to staff however every ban is the result of a report which is checked, so this seems to be human decision, and the people that didn't get banned I assume did not get reported.

Now I will acknowledge that after looking at it for the last 12+ hours, and after obviously seeing the consequences, hindsight shows it clearly was not a smart thing to not think much of the raid message, it had a subtext, and could be misread as something it wasn't intended to be, and trying to provide intent through clumsy wording is virtually impossible. It was nothing more than a mistake by omission. One I would never do again and apologize for doing, it wasn't timely, nor a good idea, but at the time it was the highlight we had from Savix, as it was our most recently seen clip from him, and seemed like a good way to hype up the raid getting in his chat and try to interact with this community.

I acknowledge that it was not the best choice of words that we could have chosen for the raid message and that they could and have been misinterpreted from what we actually wanted to say and want to apologize again for not spending the appropriate amount of time considering what I was going to say.

I have been active on twitch for the better part of 4 years, 2 and a half as a “streamer”, I am not your Asmongold or your Sodapoppin, I’m just some dude with 20 viewers average who got lucky and ended up building a really nice community, I am blessed that some people supported me through tough times and I can still be there to talk about it. I am happy to take a punishment for the blunder, as it was clearly not appropriate, however a permanent ban means the end of my run on Twitch, I would be purely devastated by this, as I have found in Twitch a home, made friends, built something I could feel proud of and worked on bettering myself as a creator, I sure still have work to do, and would give anything to be able to come back.

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