On Radifaction and Harre.

As some have probably noticed, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has been playing without Haakon “Radifaction” Tholo this last week during both the Starladder Major Open qualifier and ESL One: New York qualifier. Below is a brief statement from coach Dennis Rytter on the situation.

- Last week we had to make a tough decision in benching a good friend and player in Haakon. After working for several months, we felt it was a necessary move to ensure that we continue to progress as a collective. Bringing back a player in Haris “H4RR3” Hadzic adds another dimension to our team in terms of playstyle and solves a lot of questions surrounding setups and roles.

Radifaction is still a part of the team and there are no further developments regarding that situation. The team will continue playing with H4RR3 in today’s ESL One: New York qualifier, and in the upcoming Europe Closed Qualifier on June 10-12th.

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