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25th May 2019 from TwitLonger

i want to tell you exatcly what happend, and apolagize to the community for "n"

i want to tell you exatcly what happend, and apolagize to the community for "n-word".

im not playing in any team or anywhere at the moment, i went inactive, and then i just went to play faceit with my friends. I was just playing and didnt say a word to anyone, guys just started to calling each other names and a guy called "melonheadxP" couldnt answer back to "n0rb3rt" and than he decided to write some rubbish against me on the chat. But i didnt talk to him the whole game as you can watch demo on faceit. ----- all chat on faceit

melonheadxP and robiin i know them since fpl-c, we played together, and melonheadxP was in teamspeak with us as well and we always had fun and played simple faceit. we were truly good friends, he was following me on twitter and i was following him back too. It was about 2-3 years ago, at time i was around 18-19, im not arguing i was making some mistakes, i was sending some pics to all as he said. But he was on my friend list as well and was sending "nudes - like" pics on snapchat. I want to say that now im 22 y/o and a lot of time has passed for me to realize what a mistake i made back then when i was sending pics. Now i havent got snapchat account and im not using it, atm im working and not playing csgo as i am inactive. But what was back then, its a different story and pretty dirty. Every person has a right to change in life and understand and realise that he was making dirty mistakes. Also i didnt want to say the "n-word" and im truly sorry about it, but i had to shut his mouth somehow so he doesn't bring things up that happend 3 years ago as it wasnt really nice. EVERY PERSON HAS A RIGHT TO CHANGE. and every girl in the community were doing the same things as i did, because every girl want to show how good looking she is, and wants to get boys attention.

Why didnt i post his photos that he sneded to me 3 years ago. or people who play in a community. We all communicated really well and I didn’t want to spread anything so i kept everything as a secret. But as soon as people lose faceit, they start writing bad things about you, they can't take a lossin themselves. I don’t know why robiin started writing something like a rat because he was sitting in the lobby of the hotel and communicated really well with us, which makes him 2-faced rat. Or should I tell the whole community how he cried? so everyone would know? I also can lower a person down, but i dont think that needs to be done. I also could have written to faceit about this person how bad he is and he wrote on the chat to me. But he started to cry first. I got banned on faceit for 3 days with a capture " we gave you a temporary ban so that you understand what you have done if you continue on this way then you will get a ban on forever " want to say that i have never ever told to anyone the "n-word" and thats why i got warned. I treat all skin-couloured people respectfully.

But you want to say that he is also an inasont person? he started talking rubbish about me first. i was quite all this time.He did not know how to get into me and for this he wrote about the pics. EVERYY GIRL WAS MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE AND I WAS DOING THE SAME 2 years ago and i know I was a small girl when i was sending pics. But every person has a right to change. BUT IM NOT SENDING HIS DICK WHICH HE SENDED TO ME ON SNAPCHAT just cause im not intrested in that.

I want to ask for forgivness to community if i hurted someone really badly as a person. But I did not want to offend someone personally. But people need to learn how to loose game on faceit with respect. And if you are arguing with someone, do not touch other people who have not done anything to you personally. And dont forget that someone you played with these people on FACEIT and everything was fine. Bare in mind, why is he not showing all the messeges he wrote, but just the end.

Bare in mind, why is he not showing all the messeges he wrote, but just the end.

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