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Going to make this quick and nothing but FACTS. ( THIS IS MY POINT OF VIEW. NOT TFUES) I joined FaZe back in February of 2018, It was great, Everything was smooth sailing, The team consisted of me, SpaceLyon, Jaomock, and 72hrs. 72hrs didn't see eye to eye with a couple of people on the team so he left to join liquid which at the time was a better team and I respected his decision. We had an open slot on the roster and banks came to me and recommended and pushed that we should play squad scrims with tfue and that tfue would be a great fit.

Ive known tfue for 4 years (We got introduced AWHILE before fortnite came out but never played together ) and we had our run in's in H1Z1 and PUBG. I always thought he was an insane solo player and could clutch up in situations where his teammates would die but I didn't think he worked well with people that he played with and that he was more of a solo player. I was wrong. In battle royales you always trash talk each other ( its the sport ) So we did have our troll run ins with each other through multiple BR titles but never toxic to each other. Long story short me, tfue and the team clicked after playing with banks and we became a squad under the org FaZe, Me and tfue had insane synergy and I felt more comfortable playing with him than I have any player in my battle royale experience. We got in friday fortnite together as a duo (we would of got in with different partners) But got to play together because of banks and we took off by winning a countless amount of games.

Banks shouldn't be getting hate for anything and you're all braindead if you think he has anything to do with anything bad that has happened. Every thing that you see FaZe doing today is because of him. He has shown us nothing but love and appreciation as he does every player that has ever played for FaZe. Unfortunately we didn't see eye to eye with SOME management, lots of people wanted to make a lot right but their hands were tied, contract things that happened behind the scenes/situations that will not be brought to light not involving banks. Banks is the man and has done nothing but put his heart into tfue and me from start and pours his everything into an org more than i've seen anyone do before and I love that man to death. Everyone on FaZe is awesome even though light was shown today about a couple people hopping on bandwagons, I have my own opinions. Stay true to yourself and what you believe in. Do what makes you happy and what you can better yourself by doing.

As of now I am still on FaZe. Me and tfue are still going to be a duo, we are still going to qualify and win the world cup move in together and take this streaming thing to the next level. 1 person can't run an org. Don't be pointing fingers at one person for no reason when you don't know half of it. Again, This didn't need to be brought to twitter but with so many people worrying about both of us I felt like my story needed to be shared.

FaZe is a great org with even better people.
Banks is the man. We both owe him more than people know.

Stop trying to read between the lines, wait for tfues statement.

My community and fans keep me going and that's all I need.

I love you all, this doesn't change anything, Thank you for everything. (Ps. can't talk about % 's against contract sry)

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