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16th May 2019 from TwitLonger

Former streamer Super Metroid's predatory and pedophilic behavior

Hi, I'm Juni and I'm currently sixteen years old. I'm making this twitlonger after a year of being recommended to do so because I would like to prevent this happening in the future, as it is still going on right now. What I'm talking about is Super Metroid targeting underaged girls and messaging them extremely disturbing stuff, trying to pursue them to send him pictures, sending them pictures, telling them he loves them and the kind of things he wants to do to them, etc. I only know two other girls that this has happened to, but I wouldn't doubt it if it was more. I've been talking to Super Metroid since Summer 2018, when I was at the time 15, and for a long time I considered him my good friend. I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about the behavior he's exhibited to both myself and other underaged girls that have come forward with proof, and to hopefully stop him from trying to go after minors any further.

I only have conversations with Metroid for 2 or 3 months worth of time because I deleted my old discord account, but this is what I can provide. The first link doesn't need much context and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


I would really like to say something about the next pictures, however. I mentioned in one of the pictures how he does not follow me on twitter but still chooses to stalk me through it. I posted a video of my 3 friends, Lucas, Chloe and her sister Kaitlyn showing off their JoJo figurines, I later attached a picture with Kaitlyn's bearded dragon and her figurine again. It was all for fun. Keep in mind that Kaitlyn was not tagged, did not rt, like or reply to the tweet. Metroid started talking about her, I told him to back off, reminding him that she is 17 and my good friend's sister. For whatever reason he kept comparing her to his ex who is also underaged. He did not stop there, and decided to look through my twitter until he found her, and I still don't understand how he singled out her profile.


Only one of my two friends was okay with sharing their convos with Metroid, so I'm going to respect that. I'd like to mention that these convos are a lot more disturbing than the ones above, and I am personally disgusted after seeing this and knowing the receiving part is fifteen years old.


To my knowledge, Metroid is still messaging underaged girls on getsoj and trying to get to know them better through discord.


This was our last interaction, a few days ago, where I told him pretty straight up how I felt about him after seeing the dropbox my friend showed me. He responded with dodging my accusations, blaming it on him just being lonely. However, if that was the issue, I wouldn't be making this in the first place. I couldn't care less for anyone being lonely, but targeting underaged females online, especially someone like him who has a bit of a following, is dangerous and disturbing. I don't wish bad on anyone but this has been putting a lot of pressure and stress into my life, and I don't think his predatory behaviours will stop unless people are aware of it. Thank you for reading

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