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14th May 2019 from TwitLonger

Retiring from competitive OW

Over time I've become less interested in competing professionally in Overwatch, to the point where I don't enjoy it at all. When I started joining teams it was because I loved scrimming and competing, it was never to pursue a career. Now that scrimming makes me unhappy almost every night I just can't justify forcing myself to keep playing. It's also not fair to my teammates, being less dedicated than all of them.

Goats being the meta has nothing to do with how I'm feeling, as a main support it's been my favourite meta yet. I still enjoy playing the game casually it's just that I honestly think I'm burnt out from the scrim/vod grind.

Thank you to anyone I have played with on teams as well as all the coaches that have taught me so much, I will never forget the great times we shared. Special shoutout to Akraken and Shoyo who I was in a team with for over a year. They're both great players and even better people.

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