Mizkif · @REALMizkif

1st May 2019 from TwitLonger

In Regards To What Esfand Said:

It was not just what Esfand said. There was additional things that happened. The chat behavior was completely at out of line, I was also provoking WAY MORE than just one small phrase "dude she sucked my dick".

I said WAY more than just that. I was completely out of line and for the love of god please do not take it out on anyone. It was my fault. There's vods for it somewhere, it was not just one comment, it wasn't just one phrase, it was WAY MORE.

I know LSF and other people want this to be a bash on girls and Twitch in general but please dont. It wasn't just one small thing, it was way more. I was out of line, and that's really it.

Seriously boys, I need you more than ever. DO NOT ATTACK ANYONE. I WAS IN THE WRONG. THATS JUST IT.

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