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30th Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Here is my response to the false allegations of me during the World Cup

This is my response to the false allegations of me cheating during World Cup.

Yes I know who Bad and Wuji is, but I also know half the people playing in the qualifiers. I'm bound to run into people that I know or have played against before. I had no idea he was going to land there and have no control over where he chooses to land, but in 1 out of the 10 games I played he chose to land in the same spot as me. "According to the video provided by HighSky, Wuji didn't see the pump, went for the dualies and got into my LOS. He then tries for the pump but due to a looting/pickup bug, he probably failed to grab the gun and I was able to finish the kill. I can't speak for the second guy, as I would never land on two people fighting - it's something I can't comprehend or put reason/meaning to".
And for people saying Gestyy is my friend or that I'm good friends with him, I'm not. Whatever Gestyy did during the world cup qualifiers and his actions have nothing to do with me. He is a 14 year old who has seen me play at Toronto lans. I'm 22 years old. Gestyy landing on me is as good as any fan landing on their favorite streamer or pro player.

I’m innocent and will leave it up to Epic Games to review the situation

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