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30th Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

A few competitive @playgwent thoughts

I was utterly disappointed not to hear any news about the competitive scene, its dates or gwent masters last stream, in the previous ones or any news channels.
The game is in an excellent state. It feels great to play and yet there is absolutely no reason to play at all. It just doesnt matter where you finish the season unless you are Gameking or Proneo.

Gwent is like the 10 year boyfriend we fell in love with as competitive players and he gives us presents, pays attention, and listens to us but doesnt put a ring on our finger and then we eventually might be forced to move on despite our love because there is nothing to do in our relationship. This is how a lot of competitive players feel like now. Players who want to commit to the game, are passionate about it and invested.

I dont understand why the Gwent competitive scene is in such a bad state, for most even in a dead state. Even more so, I wonder why this is the case with Gwent. After seeing one of the biggest reasons for Artifacts failure being its neglection of professional players it must have been a clear warning to all other competitive card games.

The feeling of excitement on peak, the ranking up on the gwent masters page, that thrill of gwent masters events, its missing. I miss it. Dearly. I really hope we see some news soon, because there is a lot of players that want to compete today and will move on when they realise they cant do it anytime soon.

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