I leave S1

Today I made a decision to stop playing competitive for a little while.
I joined the team almost half a year ago and had one of the best experiences in my entire life. Playing with such amazing teammates is a true blessing. I grew as a person throughout these months. The guys, together with Sebs welcomed me in Sector One family and always supported me when I needed it the most. I joined S1 when I was feeling down, but the team helped me get back on my feet. I am forever grateful for that.

Every one of them is my friend. We had marvelous experience together on all LANs. It was so fun that Night and Atrocez almost died once, but lets not go into that.
I am truly sorry that I leave when Zhergoth just joined the team. Sadly, I underperformed the last months and our duo on botlane doesn't work like it used to. We had some great time on bot earlier, but due to the difference in our schedules and too big similarities in our mindsets (we always force shit in lane and cant stop each other) we have hard time playing the game. Thus our synergy has degraded. As well as that my solo skill has dropped, because I couldn't find a duo who would play with me at nights. Lately, I tried changing my champion pool (Ali, Braum) to make make poor botlane synergy and my d1 soloskill less visible, but that didn't solve the issues, only covered them. As well as that we always had an issue of playing too little scrims together and without scrims it is barely possible for me to improve. If previous seasons I would normally practice in master-challenger, this season I didn't feel like I could put enough effort to get out of d1. I dont want to complain about the state of Soloq, everyone does. However, I couldn't find strength to climb out of this elo on my own.

My decision is not spontaneous. I have been considering to leave for some time because of the issues above. I hope Pavlos (adc) finds himself in competitive again and shows everyone his potential. I believe in you my Slavic brother!

My plans:
Now I have my own organisation Future Perfect and I intend to focus on developing it in CIS as well as in EU. It is already self-sustaining with monthly income of 6k euros.
Quick insight into its nearest future: we are launching education project for aspiring coaches, analysts, managers, semi-pro and casual players. It will be led by well known coaches.

I will continue playing league, but will put much less time into it. I will only make an LFT post if I hit top 50 EUW.

I want to give credit to some people in particular:
I have nothing but utter respect for Damien - owner of S1, for creating such a great work environment with amazing infrastructure. He knows everything about esports and start-ups. I received so many valuable business advices from him.

Jerry - manager of S1 is the most wholesome person I know. He knows what the team wants and how to handle difficult situations. He is not the person who will shy away from conflicts unlike 90% of the managers I know.

Bjorn - coach of S1 - was growing and improving all the time. While in the beginning I was taking over the drafts, after few months he became so good that now he is the biggest brain in the team. :D

I wish all the best to the org, staff and players. Sincerely hope that everyone of you succeeds!

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