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23rd Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Departure from Denial and moving forward!

Realized I have not made an official post about what happen

3 Days after qualifying for NPL Phase 2 with Denial, I was removed from the roster and replaced by Trevor.

As anyone would be I was hurt and surprised, the amount of heartbreak I had flow through me when it happen was something I'd like to soon forget. I had thought we were family, we'd fought through so much together, and finally we came out top like we knew we could. We went and took what we deserved. I'm not really sure I have a direct answer as to why I was replaced, I was not given a very clear reason when being released from the team. But instead of letting it cripple me, I tried to let it motivate me more. I knew that I was a huge reason for our success at the NPL Relegation, helping my team qualify for the 2nd Phase, and that I could bring that same level of play and high impact to another team if given the opportunity.

I took a week to gather myself and reset from the initial emotions of what happen, then started trying out for teams. A week or so into feeling out teams, I got a DM from Jazon the team captain of Oxymoron asking me if i'd consider trying out for their team as they had an opening. After a few days of scrims it was very clear that the chemistry was there, and the hunger to get better and prove how much better Oxymoron can be in Phase 2, and they extended me an offer to join the team moving forward.

So I am happy to Announce that i've officially joined the Oxymoron PUBG Roster, and I'm beyond excited for the future, and the upcoming 2nd Phase of NPL.

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