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reflecting on my thoughts about the trade

hello everyone! sorry this is out a few days late, i didn't really have any time to sit down and properly reflect on my feelings and write this up, because the trade happened so fast and then i had to play in the game the next day. i hope you can forgive me. also this may be a bit messy because theres so much to say and im not the best at writing

First things first, I'd like to properly thank EVERYONE on shock. I wouldn't even be here living my dream if it wasn't for people like Brett, Andy, and especially Brad (sephy) for giving me the opportunity to play on shock in season 1 and prove myself to everyone who had no idea who i was going into the season. My first season of OWL was amazing, I was able to learn and experience so many different things, all of which have turned me into the player and person i am today.

As of yesterday (4/19) I was officially announced as part of the Washington Justice squad, and though my initial tweet didn't portray it, I am EXTREMELY excited for this opportunity. I have huge goals in mind for this team, and I'm going to work harder than i ever have to ensure they are met. I'm not just looking to improve myself as a player here, I have goals in mind to become a leader and push to achieve great things with this squad that none of you probably expect us to do. I'm going to help all of my new friends on this team in-game and out of game, because I know how losing feels (shock stage 1-2) and I know what they are probably feeling right now due to their record. I'm sorry to my team and fans that we couldn't bring a victory vs the Valiant, but please give me a little more time with everyone, and let me work hard with them, we will make all of you proud, whether you support us right now or not.

Going back a bit; as I was officially announced yesterday (4/19), my teammates on shock, and I were informed of the trade happening just a day before on (4/18). We had a team meeting where everyone was informed and afterwards had the opportunity to say our goodbyes to each other. This was the hardest part of this whole trade honestly, I can't express to you guys how much i fucking love all my friends on shock and how much i'm going to miss being around them every day and being so close as a team. That being said, I wish all of them nothing but the best. I know how good they are just as you guys have been seeing, they wont stop impressing all of you fans, i promise.

I'm going to use the "danteh method" on this last part and im going to give each player / coach my parting feelings.

Coaches //

You're such a talented coach it's actually surreal. Just in stage 4 alone I learned so much about the game, and only continued to learn more through season 2 under your direction. The dedication and emotion you put into every single match of ours really shows. I'll forever think about the game in ways you have taught me, and I hope to be a mentor to my new teammates and spread the impact that you had on me. Thank you for everything.

You came to shock in a dire time of need, and ever since we've improved massively. You as well taught me that there's so much more to the game than just hitting shots, mechanics, and positioning. I'm glad you were a part of our coaching staff, all 3 of you guys work harder than anyone i've ever seen, thank you for dedicating yourself to me and being a useful resource to my development. I'm gonna work really hard and try my best to make you proud on my new team.

You as well have helped me immensely as a player. It was actually crazy to me how much you worked to help me, I would literally send you VODs everyday asking for just any bit of personal feedback you could give, and somehow you would manage to give me such helpful and variety of feedback every time i asked. You also would help me with any sort of mental problems I would have towards the game in such a nice manner, thank you for being such a kind person and a hard worker :')

Players // ᵗᶦᵐᵉ ᵗᵒ ᶜʳʸ

It was such a privilege to play with you this whole time. It's been so amazing to see you develop and turn into such an amazing player, and I'm glad people are finally starting to notice and consider you as one of the best main supports in the game, because i've known that since last season. You're such a wonderful, and humble person to be around, always keeping everyone in check and not getting too over themselves. I'm glad you're finally getting to shine on your favorite hero, rather than being stuck on mercy all the time haha

We've been friends for a long time, and I have no doubts we'll remain as good friends after this.
That being said, I'm still so proud of you for so many different things in and out of game. You've been shutting up anyone who tried to question your skill level after season 1, and im glad because you're such a highly skilled player and deserve to win. It's also been extremely heart warming to see how much you have matured and how great of a person and teammate you've become. I hope people will stop thinking that you're a toxic person or an immature little kid, because you're really nothing like that. keep grinding and get the championship bro, also SAO is not a top 10 anime, you'll learn in time <3

it's been a joy to be your friend, im glad we had a lot in common and could relate to eachother so well when we met in season 1, I have no doubts that we'll stay close friends. you've got a great personality on top of being a phenomenal player, you're doing a great job of marketing yourself and being the face of an insane team, keep it up bro you're doing so well im happy for you. ps. u and settled are mad cute together ;)

nevix i love u man. you joined shock as a dps player and ended up learning a whole new role + hero and became one of the best at it, what a fucking alpha chad gamer you are..
really though, i'm happy to see you have slowly warmed up to everyone on the team and become a lot more open and closer to everyone, including me. I also appreciate how dedicated you are and how hard you work for your goals. keep your head up, and keep working hard, i believe in you that someday you'll be back on the top of the competition.

anrej bro i'm pretty sure we've known each other since the beginning of OW, but i'm glad to have really gotten to know you in person and become closer on shock. you're an extremely great person to be around, always able to lift any bad mood i could be in. also congratulations on Atlanta dude! you already know this, but I'm so happy for you to have your opportunity to be back on top, keep popping off bro and good shit against NYXL :)

you're quite literally one of the best players i've ever seen play this game. when you first joined us in season 1 and i would sometime stand behind your chair watching you play you would consistently impress me with such unique gameplay and constant impressive outplays. it's been so much fun being around you, growing with you and as you've gotten better and better at english we've become closer and closer. we even share anime, how cute. i love u architect be my friend forever pls <3

choi!! you have grown soooo much as a person and a player since we've met, and you have such a wholesome personality, pls never change that. you've become such a consistent and monster of a dva player, im glad people are finally putting you at the top of the dva players. i love u choi keep working hard just as you always do. lets stay good friends, and maybe someday we can rematch in ping pong and you might be able to beat me for once haha'

ur such a little troll but i love u so much smurf LOL. we became really close friends quite fast when you joined, and im glad for that. keep your head up keep grinding, you're an insane main tank, you'll get your opportunity to shine soon and i know you're gonna kill it. ill really miss being able to talk to you everyday, but lets stay close and hang out a lot okay?

i'm glad we started talking and becoming friends even back when you were stuck in korea, you're a really funny and quirky person. keep working and you will be known as the best zen in the league dude, you're crazy good. don't listen to anyone who tries to say stupid shit about our friendship just because of us playing the same role on the same team. i've learned so much from watching your play, and im glad to have been on the same team as you even if it was only for a little bit :) pls pick mei in a match u little mei one trick, i wanna see it LOL

RASCALLLLLLLLLLL ill miss u so much dude :( im soooo happy for you though, you're doing so well on stage and i'm glad we also became best friends. I've learned so much from you in-game that i've applied to my own gameplay, so thank you for that. You're easily one of the smartest players i've met and im glad to have been around you as much as i have. fuck anyone who tries to call you toxic or anything, you're such a great person. thanks for all the advice you've given me, and all the times you supported me when i was feeling a bit down. i love you dude lets get dinner soon and catch up

you're such a funny, and happy character, i can't help but laugh everytime im with you.
i remember season 1 having to play against your tracer was such a nightmare, now in season 2 having to play against your widow in ranked is a nightmare... why are you so good at dps bro. keep working hard like you always have, and im sure someday a DPS meta will roll around and you're gonna be at the top of it <3. also i hope to one day see the ever-impressive STRIKER LUCIO DUDE

Management //

Chris (our dad/manager)
thank you for everything you've done for me and the team since you joined, i know sometimes we may not like some of the things you make us do but in hindsight everything has worked to make us all better players, teammates and people. I actually wish to transfer some of the things you've taught me to my new team, because I know how much it impacted us and helped us on shock. i'll miss you a ton as well, i'm sure we'll still bump into each other frequently, and maybe even at the shock house ;)

Andy (our owner!!)
hey andy! i'd like to start by saying thank you for the opportunity to play on your team and the chance to show myself to the world. without you there's no way i'd even be here right now. I'd also like to apologize for being immature at times in season 1, i always wanted for us to succeed and be at the top like we were expected to be. I learned a lot from season 1, and im glad i've grown as much as i have as a person, and matured a lot as well. Thank you for bearing with me in hard times, and continuing to support us with all your heart.

Brett (budget huk/our president)
i love you brett, u know this. i'm SO happy to have been on the same org as you and grow with you so much. you've given me so much helpful advice and been a great mentor to my long-term career in this industry. every moment i've been with you has been a joy and i'm sure we'll still stay good friends in the future. you're such a genuine person which can be quite rare in this industry, honestly. thank you as well for everything you've given me and all the opportunities you've created for me. I will make you proud on my new team, i hope you will support me as ATLEAST your 2nd favorite team... <3


the last thing i'd like to say is one massive THANK YOU to ALL the fans, even the ones who silently support us. Without you guys none of us would be able to be on stage playing for you and living out our dreams. thank you for every last little drop of support you've given to shock and me personally. I love you guys so much, and my only parting wish is that whether you're a fan of me, shock, or both, that you'll continue to support me and my new team, and shock just as much as before. we're all one big family on shock, and just because i'll be wearing new colors doesn't mean i'm not gonna be a part of the shock family.

thank you all for reading this and listening to my feelings, again im sorry it took a few days to get out, i've been very busy, as well as collecting myself. also i hope i didn't miss anything, this was difficult to write cuz im a noob at writing, if i did i apologize greatly!

one last shoutout //

thanks for scrolling all the way down here i love u and i miss u

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