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13th Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Stepping down from @Barrage

Hey guys,

As you can see in the title, I'm stepping down from Barrage for the foreseeable future.
This split I've prioritised gaming & work over my mental health and it has just caught up with me.

At the start of the split I had a family emergency, or better put, my grandma was rushed to the hospital with a massive stroke on the 13th of february and she died the next day. This obviously impacted my mental health and it brought up some bad things from my past.
For the last few months I've avoided dealing with this and I just kept on working stupidly long days (leaving for work at 7:30 am, getting back at 6pm, eating and then scrims from 7-10) without any real breaks, which, in hindsight, is not a smart thing to do.

All of this has lead to me having a bit of a mental break last Tuesday which lead to me losing some brain functions like short-term memory and even some of my ability to speak.
So naturally I went to my gp and they figured out I got something called 'brain fog', which basically means that my head is so filled with information that nothing else can get into it anymore. It's honestly the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me and it's a massive wake-up call that something needs to change ASAP.

So, effective immediately, I will be stepping down from the Barrage main roster until this situation gets fixed. The guys over at Barrage fully support this decision and I love all of them for everything they've done for these last two splits even if the results have been a bit disappointing.

I have no clue how long it will take for me to recover, so I might get back later in the split or I might not play at all anymore this split. But I still freaking love the game and I love competing, so I won't be gone forever, but right now I have to recover.

Thanks for all the love and support I've gotten the last few months from everyone, I'll see you all back again on the rift!

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