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10th Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Chargeback Situation

Hello everyone, I'm writing this up for the purpose whenever someone brings it up on stream and for all those who are curious and want more detail.

It started on the 10th of October 2018 when Chubapapi21 came into the stream and donated, $1,000 and a $2,000 USD. The 1k was my highest donation ever followed by a 2k i was blown away. During these donation he had also gifted 100 tier 3 subs. It was my lucky day so i thought. Who would charge back after gifting subs aswell? I was almost 100% convinced this wasn't a troll or going to get charge backed as from what i know its impossible to charge back subscriptions.

2 days later on the 12th of October he came back with another $2,000 USD donation and another 100 tier 3 subs. At this stage i was over the moon, this was a couple months after going full time and donations and gifted subs like this really helped me out financially as twitch had become my only income.

2 Weeks later PAX Aus came and Chuba was going, i ended up meeting him at the Casino and he was acting alittle weird but i thought that he might just be shy, after about 5 minutes he left to get more drinks and didnt come back.

During the next few months Chuba would come in and say hi, ask how things were etc etc all the normal twitch chat. The thought of the donations getting refunded were well out of my mind as it was getting close to 6 months since he donated.

That was until the 8th of April. 2 days short of the 6 month charge back time frame PayPal allows. I woke up to seeing emails from PayPal saying there had been unauthorized transactions made and PayPal was looking into it. At first glance i thought it would of been a kid who donated a $1 or $2 and those cases i just send the money back, it's not worth the fuss for a couple dollars but that's when i saw the $2,000 and i thought it couldn't be true. Yeah all $5,100 USD was trying to be refunded for unauthorized transactions.

May i mention that the $100 USD that came later was to help cover another charge back i had earlier in the year. Chuba had literally donated to help cover a charge back to then charge it back. What an actual joke. He also wrote something along the lines of ''should i donate him $1000 and charge it back to see how he feels?"

First thing i did was try to message him on Twitter to see what was up and if there was something i did or if he needed the money back for an emergency. I have had this happen to someone before who needed money for medical bills and car repairs after getting into an accident. To my surprise i could not find any account under his name and when searching his @ it said the page didn't exist. Next i tried Instagram and same thing, gone. Last thing i could think of was Twitch whispers where ChubaPapi21 didn't exist. I checked my mod list and saw a name i was't familiar of, sandanstefan. This is his account as previous whispers confirm. I have since seen an account called stefansandan aswell. This is his alt account as nobody but a few close friends know about the refund until today. His alt account was asking questions such as ''What are you gonna do about the ChubaPapi situation?" This is how i knew it was him.

A few google searches of ChubaPapi21 and his real name Anthony Archer i was quite surprised to what i saw. This was the same kid from a couple years back who donated to Sodapoppin, LegendaryLea and a few others. Here's some links to have a look at.

A google search will pop up all of his old twitter selfies here:
The pictures shown in the new articles above also confirm it is the same person.

I immediately contacted PayPal and was sending back and fourth messages with all the evidence i could, i showed them absolutely everything i could from streamlabs, dm's, all this prior evidence, screenshots and vods of the donations. Absolutely everything.

The final email i got back was from PayPal saying it was out of their hands now and i would have to deal with the bank as when they approached the bank favoured in the donators claim.

From here i will just move forward. Of course it's a shitty situation but there's not much i can do anymore. I am a firm believer in Karma and i guess time will tell. Thanks to all the message from my great community and special shout out to those donating to help pay off the debt. You guys are the real ones <3

If you've made it this far cheers for reading, I've actually just received some whispers from the man himself i don't know what to say...

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