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9th Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

My experience with the H1PL, as a girlfriend to a pro player.

I figured I'd write my experience with the H1PL. (I'm sorry its so long :( )

When the PL got announced I was very excited for Chance to find a team and for him to move to Vegas. Being long distance for almost a year we thought it *might* mean we'd finally be able to move in together. The rent in Vegas was a lot cheaper than California and since he'd be making decent money we'd be able to afford it.

Chance was tried out for Noble, behind Figurez back and we were forced to keep quiet about it. At this point we were under the assumption that Figurez would be moved to a sub position. Chance was told MULTIPLE times that he was picked up but then the next day was told they were trying out another person. After being strung along for a couple weeks by Noble, Chance was announced. I WAS SO EXCITED!! Chance said he couldn't wait for me to move with him and included me in every single one of his plans. Until we were told by Recon and Maze that no girlfriends were allowed in the hotels/team houses. It was apparently a "privacy concern" if I was living in the hotels. Also girls are a distraction and girlfriend's apparently are not good for pro players. Chance was told that a "camera crew" was going to be in and out of rooms at random times of the day and that if a worker saw me in the room and my name wasn't on the room it would be an issue. The camera crew remark is complete bullshit. Our "camera crew" was our manager Aerith (hi ily) and a G7X. Also Chance said he could put my name on the room to fix the "security" issue. Chance stated that he deserves the same privacy as I do. They remained adamant that I could not move and Chance could come visit me in off season or I could get my own place out there but he couldn't spend the night on game days + other restrictions. Why would I want to move to another state to live alone and not with my significant other? I messaged Miranda Charsky asking who is paying for the hotels and if girlfriend's are allowed. She said TWIN GALAXIES is paying for them and the "no girlfriend's allowed" comment is not true. I was also told by Noble that I wasn't allowed at player parties but Miranda told me all players had +1's. Miranda reached out to Noble and I posted a couple tweets about being sad about the living situation and not being able to move. The next day Recon told me I could move into the hotels and live with my boyfriend (in the hotel ONLY) if I signed an NDA..... so I was pressured into signing an NDA because I wanted to be with my boyfriend. First mistake.

I really didn't care about anything behind the scenes. I just wanted to live with my boyfriend and watch him compete. For being *SOOOOO* generous I told Maze and Recon that I would do content behind the scenes. Day in the life's etc. Even said I would stream under their org. This never happened, which is completely fine. I went to Vegas and lived in the hotels. My plan was to either find a roommate after the hotel stay or go back home. I had a roommate issue fall through (she actually lied to me about being in a mental hospital so that's cool) and was supposed to move home.

We stayed in the hotel's until the last possible day. Our house (well Noble H1PL player's house since there were no girls allowed hehe) was ready the day before we were getting kicked out of the hotels. All the player's except for one (he went back home for off season) moved in one day. It was sad seeing all my friends that were dating h1pl players get to move in and be apart of the team. Not labeled a distraction or privacy concern. EVEN INCLUDING THEM IN THINGS. HOW CRAZY. I was told I had to leave (whether that was move into my own place or move home) in two weeks. I booked a ticket home for July 5th for Chance and I, since he was on off season. Before leaving we talked to the other boy's on H1PL to see if they were okay with me moving in. We agreed that I could pay a smaller portion of the rent and utilities. We talked to Maze and he said he would talk to Recon and let us know by the end of August. If I remember correctly Maze said he didn't have a problem with me living in the team house it was Recon. Chance and I left to go to NY and Washington. We were gone until early/mid august. We returned to the house and I was told my rent + utilities would be set up by the end of the month and I could stay. This never happened. They never asked for any rent or anything from me which is weird. But I got to stay!!

While living in the team house I was told that I do nothing. I was currently going to school and streaming full time (finally). Some managers of Noble (excluding Aerith) were saying I just drain Chance's bank account and do nothing. I had been nothing but nice to every one on Noble. Even offered to make breakfast for one manager when he visited. So it hurt me to know they were talking shit about me especially when they didn't know me.

The team meetings were horrendous. I would hear constant screaming from Recon. Scolding the players saying they get paid to do nothing. When they would ask for content video ideas or even gave them an EDITED video for their yt they didn't even post it. Recon refused to let the boys buy their own furniture for the team house as if they were 12. They instead had to pay monthly for expensive furniture. The meetings were 3 hours of screaming nonstop at the boys. The boys did not get to pick their house. They had no freedom with their money. Were not paid the full amount each month because the other chunk went to a fund that THEY controlled and took the money for rent etc out. *I THINK***** they were the only team that had this fund. This fund is complete bullshit. The expense sheet for said fund is completely inaccurate. Who knows where this money is. Who knows what it was spent on. We. dont. know.

The expenses are wrong. The money doesn't add up. The boys had to pay for their OWN CONTRACTS. (??????) When you apply for a job does the manager make you pay for the piece of paper you sign? no???? The boys were charged a significant amount for "contract expenses". Other things did not add up including rent. Rent was shown that it was taken out of their accounts for the month that we got evicted. Which makes no sense. WE GOT EVICTED. BECAUSE RENT WASN'T BEING PAID. We were also told that they were covering rent since they stopped paying them. it was the """"least""""" they could do. The boys also received NO heads up that they were not being paid for August. The team meeting at the end of August was more of a "i dont know when the next season is going to be" not a "hey you're not getting paid!!!". The boys waited around for two weeks in the beginning of September and never got paid. Our manager Aerith was kicked out with an 8 day notice which is completely illegal in the state of NV.

As a result of not getting paid some players were broke. ESPECIALLY when it happened without a notice. Gabe ate oatmeal for WEEKS straight. he had no money for food. he got extremely sick, lost weight and is still dealing with medical bills and sickness BECAUSE OF THIS.I had to hear my roommates throwing up each morning because they were so ill. (i was making my own money through streaming so I did not endure this) some of the boys asked for grocery money and they were told

you're not the only one going through financial hardships.

interesting considering not even two months later Noble Recon donated 1000+ to streamers. I moved out November 1st because we were getting evicted on the 9th. Gabe had to put $2,800 on a credit card to get home because he was going to be homeless. AND THEY DIDNT HELP US. No idea where the rent money went. No idea where the security deposit the boys paid for went. No idea about any of the expenses since the expense sheet is COMPLETELY WRONG. The boys asked for a new sheet multiple times with no answer. The money is probably now sitting in AngryPug's paypal after being donated by recon.

After being a victim of misogynist comments, hearing our boys get screamed at, watching my roommates get extremely ill bc they could not afford food, getting evicted, and STILL not paid I can proudly say I am so glad pro league is over.

If you have read this far thank you. Noble is still in works with Logitech and EGL. Please reconsider who you are sponsoring. I can trust you that this is only a SLIVER of the shit that Noble has done. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS ORG. THEY HAVE SCAMMED MY BOYFRIEND AND FRIEND'S AND DO NOT CARE!!! Please please please do not let them get away with this. Hold those accountable for their actions. #StayNoble

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