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15th Mar 2019 from TwitLonger

Not much else to say

I'm going to move on from the smash community. I’ve been thinking about how frustrated I’ve been getting with this game and the people in it for months and finally I realized I could just leave.

Every day I feel like this game wasn’t meant for me more and more. At first I thought I could make bayo work if I just stayed dedicated, 4 months later and a long story short it isn’t going to happen. Truly thought I could just go from top tier to top tier at the snap of my fingers but I guess in the end I actually did love bayo more than anyone else and switching was impossible.

The sudden influx of people who like watching me helped a lot at first but then I realized it’s just because I manage to win games with... her. Now I really just feel like a circus act when I play on stream, not a real competitor.

The main reason I want to leave though is the community. A year ago today I’d say “The hate is strong but I've made so many great friends who help me get past it..!"
But lately I'm realizing that shit is really not normal at all. Why am I supposed to just hold that? I never wanted smash to be a career and never will.

I came into the smash community watching compilations and playing online, I just wanted to hit cool combos and be fun to watch. That's it. I became good at it by chance but I never signed up for whatever this is.

Top players that people idolize and I thought were my friends told me people only played me for bayo practice and just cut me off immediately when Ultimate came out. Others are predatory creeps but no one will say anything because connections > being a decent person.

Meanwhile a bunch of other people I thought were my friends talk bad about me the second I'm not looking. I could get sad about it but in reality... why entertain this shit when I can just exit?

Basically the community stopped clicking for me and the game didn't click even once. I'm not in the situation that made me adore smash in the first place so it's best that I just go, bye everyone!

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