I am quitting Catherine - cw: severe transphobia

I am quitting Catherine

cw: severe transphobia

In the new Catherine game, there is an ending that "claims to give everyone (or the protagonist?) a better life" and goes back in time in such a way that Erica never transitions

There is a team of writers who have not only made no effort to undo the sloppy, hateful writing for Erica in the original game, but actually managed to double down and write one of the most harmful things I've ever seen in a game. There are other transphobic scenes as well.

I have spent the last 7 years cultivating a community over the puzzle fighting game that just happened to be attached to the story of Catherine. I have always felt ashamed by the transphobic content in the story. When I heard we were getting a sequel, the first thing that came to my mind and my persistent fear was that they would do it again, and worse, and it happened. It is so much worse than I feared.

I have, in the last hour, seen my friends pained, shocked reactions

I am so livid, I am so crushed, I wish I was fucking surprised


I announced I was going to be streaming the game on Sunday, I'm definitely not doing that.

The more I think about the entire thing there's only one thing I can do that's serious enough to match this.
I have to walk away from this game, completely.

I'm not playing the single player, I'm not playing the multiplayer, I'm not fucking going to tournaments and I'm not going to retweet streams.

This team of writers should be fired for their dangerous and consistent transphobic speech and I am absolutely fucking disgusted that I helped them sell this dumpster fire of a story that might make even one person believe in their slimy and hateful rhetoric.

They do this with every single game they make and they're only getting more and more brazen about it, so I don't care to try to find a way to make any of this okay. It's not. It's obviously not. I refuse to support media that harms people.

That's how I feel right now.


I'm devastated for the competitive Catherine community I have spent so much time with.

We met and bonded over puzzles and competition, and for many of us it became our favorite game genre with only one entry. I don't want to burn the puzzle fighting genre to the ground, but nevertheless I can't support this game.

Please don't hold it against those who continue to compete in this genre.

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