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19th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

The animal is unleashed,Gilius is free agent

I am open for 2019 teamoffers
Felt depressed for a while about not being a part of playoffs/worlds.Really felt like this was it, but in the end the break was needed.For a few years now I did not really have a break because I had to keep grinding to play in the lcs.I got to catch up with my loved ones and friends and was surrounded by very smart people so I got a new view on alot of things in life.
The goal moving forward is to win the EULCS as many times as possible and win MSI and the Wolrdchampionship ,I am not satisfied with mediocrity.
At this point every player in europe knows what a fucking mashine I am but they will never admit it ,so I will smack it into their heads once and for all next year.
Playing for about 4 months daily in high challenger games made my decision making,champpool and movement improve alot and I can't wait to show the magic on stage
I am aiming to sign for 2-3 years with a team.My main issue in the past was finding the balance between spamming the game and staying healthy in the meantime but I do believe I have found the solutions.
I want to thank vitality for the great year I had with them , thank you yamato for teaching me valuable things and clement for taking good care of us.Also thank you neo and nico for being understanding owners.And props to my teammates , was a successfull year even if you finished it without me

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