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15th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

Going stand-by in the Fragsters project and Future

Hello I think I need to explain myself due to why I’m not playing at DH. This is gonna be a long text fyi.

Around 1 year ago I teamed up with the awesome Fragsters guys( torben, stavn, dragonfly and refrezh.) we were 5 guys with a dream of becoming full time professionals. We managed to do way better than anyone would have expected. And things went fast, from being a part time occupation it became my full time job within 3 months. This was both a amazing thing and negative for me. I was always a really nervous and quiet person. All this pro life with flying and a lot of pressure, many practice hours, lack of seeing my IRL friends. introduced many medical and psychological problems into my brain. Up to events, even 30 days before I could barely sleep and relax properly, constantly being stressed out took hard on me, and made me a much worse version of myself. And yesterday/ today myself I couldn’t do this any longer. Had a really bad panic attack today with drowsiness, fatigue and difficulty breathing and almost pasning out. And that was really the final nail in the coffin, to put my CS career at a pause. I need to look at my own health before going further, I don’t know if I’m gonna retire or comeback to CS when I’m in a more healthy state. I still have a drive for the game, so coming back to Prof CS is not unlikely when i fixed my personal and medical issues. But as things is right now im probably not gonna play serious CS for a while. I will still play CS for fun (FPL, mixes) etc. This is also really hard to write since i never had such chemistry with a team, and it hurts to leave it all behind for health issues. But im sure theese guys can find a replacement for me, theese guys worked from the bottom and will for sure only improve from now on and keep Living their Dream. I didnt want to hold them back either by playing less and denying event invites, which would have been the case if i stayed. Thank you for everything, guys and i hope you can win Atlanta and bring that 🏆#1 home. ❤️😔

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