Anna and I are separating

Hey everyone,

Been struggling with this for a long time now but it's time to talk publicly about what is changing in my and Anna's life moving forward.

Early this year we attended marriage counseling as Anna was unhappy in our marriage. Since then we have worked on our marriage, our selves and how we can try and make this a relationship that Anna and I can continue to find happiness and fulfillment in. Unfortunately this last week or two we have come up to the realization that for a number of reasons it won't work out.

Anna is the best person I have ever known. She is an incredible woman and I hope that in these trying times nobody does anything but give her love and support. Our marriage will not go on but she will continue to be an enriching and inspiring figure moving forward and I want nothing less than the best things for her.

We are still friendly, loving and kind to each other and there is no hidden secret of drama or scandal. We worked on this all year and I've been crying or having deep emotional talks for months trying to make this right. It's time to move on.

We work in the same city and are in a similar job space so it will definitely be trying but we are both adults and wish the best for each other.

Thank you for understanding and please forgive me if I am distant/silent for a bit. The reality of all of this will take a bit.

love you all <3

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