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28th Jul 2018 from TwitLonger

the statement what happened in orgless and why i leave the team

first of all sorry for my english but i guess it's enough for you to understand what happened.

it all started because i made pressure 1 week before valencia (dreamhack). i said to the team that we waited long enough (i never saw a salary in PL and i played there for almost 9 month) and it's time to join an organisation after dreamhack.
we said to every organisation that they have time till 20.07.2018 to send us their offer so we can decide .
we received some offers and the best one was organisation-X (not telling the name).
i made a lot of pressure to the team because i slowly lost the motivation for the game and for my work that i put in the game and the team because i just wanted that we get paid for what we are doing here.

after our bad time with the !! former !! 1UP ceo (who lied to us about the money and didn't pay us) we were all insecure about contracts and organisations.
but after we finally got the NDA from every player ( especially from person KS were i had to make a lot of pressure to get it, because he said every time "i will i will i will" and tried to delay everything )
we saw that the contract from organisation-X is good and the conditions are alright (we changed some conditions so every player would be happy).
KS started with "if you guys join this organisation i will leave the team" (it's fair if we would have more GOOD offers and he could explain why but his reasons were not comprehensibly and childish).
hungry and me tried everything to convince the player because everyone wanted money for playing (and it was not less money) and we also needed a organisation for the upcoming lan events (like dreamhack for example) and for bootcamps so we can fix intensive our mistakes.
every player said his conditions so he would join the organisation.
i talked many times to the organisation-X so we can change the conditions (and they did many times!!) because i tried to make everyone happy in the team because it was the best offer for us. (trust me)
after every player had the conditions they asked for, hungry and me still couldn't convince them and they changed their argument to "no i still won't join this organisation-X because i don't want that KS leaves our team."
so we looked for a new organisation-Y and we found one.
we made a pro / con list about organisation-Y and organisation-X and "X" was still better! but guess what? 3 people still didn't want to sign organisation-X.
the other 3 player made the suggestion that we could join "Y" OR wait after Paris major (how high ist the chance that we perform very good in paris so we could get better offers WITH our team problems ?)
they found people who worked / played for organisation-X and they told us negative things about the organisation-X.
but we also found the same people for organisation-Y and every other organisation so no one can change that and i bet every pro player has sometimes small or big problems with his organisation and we had contract clauses for our salary and pricemoney so we were pretty safe to get out of the contract if there would be problems about money.

our team split already in 2 parts after all the talks and we had internal problems.
but we could still manage it to win against "Chaos" in our PL match (26.07) and we forgot our disputes for a short time.
the funny thing about this match is that KS died every time first because NO ONE of us helped him. we practice this in scrims to help each other but can't do it in important matches.
so usually i'm the guy who won't get the help or infos in real matches from my teammates because everyone else is thinking about themselves and now KS saw that it's not the players fault that the team doesn't help each other like we practice in scrims. ( i don't know if this team will ever learn from this mistakes. )
i cheered him up and tried to give him his self-confidence back so he could find back in the game. ( didn't work :P )
after our PL game against chaos, hungry and me tried for a last time to convince the rest of our team but again without success.
i'm a spirited guy (hope it's the right translation) and in the end i was pretty toxic against KS and said things that i should not say and made the whole problem bigger.
shortly thereafter i tried to apologize because i knew that it was wrong what i said and that i made a mistake but he shut down and now i was in his focus to get rid of me.
wasn't that hard because he already had the majority behind him all the time but i already DECIDED to LEAVE team OrgLess after our last "talk".
the next day they also decided to play without me from now on in Paris Major and PL.

to clarify things if they start with the biggest lie "his performance was bad":
hungry and me were together the HEART of the team and the BRAIN of the team. we put so much work in these guys to come forward (remember MysteriousMonkeys and what happened when hungry and me joined them)
i made most of our GOOD strategies and had to teach the team how to attack on different maps.
i even had to make BASIC constructions on attack for different maps (so it won't take 1:30m to adjust to the enemy playstyle)
i had to teach the team how to improve our droning (people still forget the drone outside after MONTH)
i had to teach them how to help each other like going in cameras for the roamer (doesn't work yet that good), vertical gameplay to support each other, playing aggressiv TOGETHER when we have no other option or the right operator to "hide" (getting better and better in scrims and maybe these guys can realize it one day in every PL game)
i had to teach them how to make pressure on the enemy and how it works (use ying archive window to push inside when your glaz is pushing armory on border, open the right doors, hatches, windows even if u won't use them, build something like a triangle on attack but never a line, and so on)
i had to teach them which infos an IGL needs so he can decide what we are doing
i had to tell them things like we have to ban jäger on club house if they won't ban ying so hungry can destroy them (and many examples more like that)
i made the twitlonger for our qualifier game against IDK because i had a plan about oregon and wanted to reduce the pressure from us and it worked in the end.
when i had the fragging role i carried this team in our PL relegation match against supremacy (05.11.17) and in almost every six invitational qualifier game (we still couldn't qualify but fortunately we got invited)
after i got more and more pressure IRL i changed from fragging role to flex and was focused on the IGL role with hungry together. we had to do this to get better because some old IGL called things like: "we attack armory" (without droning the side) or "all 5 from master / armory side" and that's it.
hungry and me couldn't focus anymore 100% on ourselves because ONLY hungry and me will call "we can attack this side, we need you there, you have to cover this and so on)
basically only we two had a clue what to do or what is possible. the rest of the team was waiting for our "order". that doesn't mean that aceez and ripz are bad players. they are both beasts and both deserve to play in PL and i have to say that even if i brought aceez to our team and he backstabbed me :)
so if people say to an IGL that he doesn't perform good, because he needs to focus on the overiew, 3-4 other player + they have to ask all the time because people don't give any good info, then you are wrong. if this is the case in a team were people don't talk a lot the IGL can't make many frags in every game. if his calls and decisions lead to the win then he did his job.
if only kills count then why don't you pick the best 5 fragger put them in one team and with that logic u should have the best team that wins everything? this is not how it works.
so i was a player / IGL / coach and mental coach for this team, when i had a fragging role i did my job good (there is enough proof) and when i was flex / IGL i did my job good.
and there is enough proof for all of that.

now some words about the team
-aceez: i brought him in our team because he is one of the best fragger EU has right now and even tho i couldn't be friends with him IRL and had my problems with his attitude (i know about the DDoS attack) , i have to say that he will definitely get picked up by a very good team sooner or later ( probably the current penta roster )
and it's totally fine that people can't be friends outside of the game because in PL it's more like a business as a friendship.

-ripz: good guy and probably one of the best aimer in the world.

-reaper_EN: did a very good job as analyst and helped our team alot.

-vale: i understand why he was on the side of majority so everything is fine.

-lazzo: he is also a good guy and want's the best for the people but sadly not always the best for the team

-hungry: the best guy i've met so far on the internet. he is a beast ingame , he has the right mindset and i'm thankful that we learned so much from each other. he was the calm version and i was more the impulsive one and both of us got f*****. so i hope he can find asap a new team and he is definitely an improvement for every other team !!

-ks: not the person you think you know from his stream, overhyped and replaceable in 5 minutes
he got kicked from the penta team 2017 because KS is easy replaceable and some other reasons that i don't wanna write here. me and hungry had to tell KS what to do ALL THE TIME because he has no fucking idea how to play in pro league.
he doesn't bring ANY strategies / suggestions / improvements to the team, can't drone and doesn't know how to cover/support player (maybe only if u explain him everything and all the time).
all he can do is kill people ingame and entertain people on his stream (but like i said: easy replaceable for a PL team)

and when u ask now "why was the majority on KS side?" it's pretty simple and i understand why some people chose the wrong side.
some player in orgless don't like discussions or when people get toxic / loud. they are quiet and calm persons who wanna go the easy way without resistance.
they tried to protect the """"victim""" because he said that he would leave the team. (hungry and me begged him to leave the team but didn't work :P)
so for them it was easy: let's just search a new organisation even if the offer is bad so no one has to leave. (but why should we sign a bad contract for 1 year just because of this guy?)
some other players joined the majority because they know that they could play from now on in the mainlineup because they have 3 starter player and decide what happens with the team.
EVERY businessman and EVERY grown up man who has a clue about life was on hungry's and on my side to 100%.

we didn't join organisation-X because ONE PLAYER was stubborn an childish. this organisation offer would've changed hungry's and my life extreme in a positive way. we had the chance to live together in a gaming house to concentrate on our esport Career!
the rest of the team had the same possibility but just didn't wanna live in a gaming house (it's totally fine). they didn't had to move there it was just a bonus from the organisation for the player so it was very good for all of us.
one guy was playing the victim and convinced / manipulated people so they have mercy with him.
this guy wouldn't even join this organisation even if everything would be fine and everyone would be happy about the contract. (that's what he said!)
he was stubborn, acting like a child, called his friends / fans / supporter "son of a whore", did sneaky things ALL THE TIME, manipulated people, didn't stand up for himself and didn't care about hungrys life or my life.
this guy is changing his opinion (usually he doesn't have his own) in 1 minute about things and persons. today he hates you and tomorrow u are his best friend.
person-X owed ONE PLAYER something (not allowed to say who and what) and this ONE PLAYER was complaining all the time "that they won't give him his stuff and these guys are assholes". but when i talked to the person-X he proofed me that he tried to get in contact with the ONE PLAYER many times to give him his stuff, but he didn't even respond to them and he ignored them. as long as he can talk shit about these people he is happy

we had a lot of potential and i think we would still be a team and it would not have escalated like this when i didn't start with the pressure for an organisation AND if i reacted more calmer and less toxic about peoples opinion.
i'm not an angel but my intentions were good. i tried the best for the team with organisation-X so all of us get paid and have a good contract and less stress IRL.
but if people think the earth is flat and u proof them that they are wrong, it's still wrong to get mad at them if they don't believe the facts. that was my mistake.
and we saw in the past already that the majority is not always right and some people should not take the lead over someting because they don't have the qualification for that.

i don't want anyone to get mad at one person or player.
i just wanted to tell fans / supporter / friends the truth what happened and show them my view.
i wish most of my old teammates good luck for the future and when they get older they will see that they followed the wrong person :)

... and maybe i will come back with a different team. real recognize real

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