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4th Jun 2018 from TwitLonger

A bit more of context, and why I am more motivated than ever. ->

The past few months have been exhausting and the most stressful of my whole career. A ton of work to do in and outside of the game, pressure for success, community pressure.. A long list, but that didn't stop me from moving forward. I always gave everything I had to make all the teams I joined work, and I will absolutely keep on doing that.
Now that it is all public and official, I am still under contract with G2 and am allowed to explore other options.

I've been at the highest level for 8 years with French teams, and I am in need of fresh air. International teams are more and more popular and I do think that it is my natural next step, or at least my first wish.
These past months at least shown me that I am still insanely competitively driven and just want to get back on a server, practice and know that I will be playing with a team that can be built long-term and that has only one goal in mind : building together and winning trophies.
My personal level hasn't been the greatest the past 2 years or so, and this period allows me to put myself back in a good state of mind and work on the "right" things for the upcoming part of my career. I do believe that I bring a lot of the table for a group and a team, while I can get back to the highest level individually with a team of players that trust each other fully. However, I'll always put my team first and above every individual need that I have as you have to be a solid group in order to be great. Fuck stats when you get the gold right ?!

All in all, this decision and move was rather expected and there's no grudge to hold against G2 or their members. Going out of my comfort zone makes me happy and even if a lot of work is ahead, I am sure that I will brave any obstacle as I have always done it. I feel like a puppy that has a whole new world to explore and I cannot wait to see what the future holds and be able to fight at the highest level of one of the most competitive era of CS:GO.

Been there for 8 years, expect me for 8 more. There is still a whole history to create.

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