Statement of truth..

I am exercising my human right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

I write this as a statement of truth, and I do so as I believe in justice, truth and I dislike any abuse of power or any system that does not offer equality.

To be free from oppression is a fundamental human right, one that should be granted to every man woman and child freely, regardless of you’re class race or creed.

Unfortunately, where there is power, there is often corruption and where there is financial gain mixed with the desire for status it becomes a breeding ground for corruption and the misuse of power.

I have seen people go before me and speak out about what I have been subject to, they have tried to open the lid on what can only be described as human nature at it’s absolute worst, systematic bullying!

They have been laughed at, made to look silly, sniped at by trolls, told to be quiet, and shamefully, labeled attention seeking by all of us! And therefore their suffering and their stories ignored.

In fear of what they might do to me and to protect my family I also like you remained silent.

however, this is the symptom of systematic bullying it makes the oppressed look like the oppressor and so like all injustices the corruption continues.

My story

On the surface, my career would appear to have been at times a dream come true. However, the reality of the abuses I have suffered behind the scenes is a completely different tale and one of abuse, bullying and the total misuse of power.

It left me broken and unable to express my music in the way that I would have liked to, it changed how I wrote my songs as I was filled with sadness and anger at something I had no power to change.

It first began when I was forced to sign a contract that I did not want to; I questioned the contract only to be told “ if you do not sign it you will not have a career and you will be removed.”

Only very young and having dreamt of this my whole life I signed without any ‘independent’ legal advice feeling betrayed by my advisors! I wasn’t even given a moment to read through the document correctly before signing.

I was given an accountant, and I was also given my solicitor who was not at all independent, and they all worked together as one.

Things got worse, and over this period I became very, ill I had a physical collapse, and medical staff told me “your body has given up.”

I then went on to have tests that showed I had pre cancerous cells.

I collapsed three times and started to see and feel myself lose who I was, but still, I felt I had to smile in interviews to maintain how amazing my life was but in actual reality I was unhappy.

When I chose to close that particular chapter in my life I was pursued, I spent hundreds of thousands of pounds fighting what to me was a complete injustice.

Only to find out the lawyers I had instructed had not been acting to my best interests at all and the legal ombudsman investigated this and found that my fears were justified and ordered the firm to return all of the money that they had taken from me.

shortly after leaving that law firm,

I was targeted by a woman and her husband, they told me I was the victim of systematic bullying! And manipulation, and that this was being done to me to teach me a lesson for questioning my oppressor's conduct, and that I should fight what was happening to me she told me I needed to build up a file of all of the things that were happening to me.

she accused my oppressors of having shell companies to evade tax.

As she and her husband worked what seemed to be tirelessly on building this case for me, she was secretly trying to have my companies liquidated she was stealing my mail so that I did not know when my liabilities were due, she was stealing my money for said tax and VAT and merely setting me up.

When her true intentions where realised she went on to destroy all of my files and company documents which affected me greatly as how could I function and submit anything with no files, she also sent me disturbing letters, and at that time had placed her name so that she would be able to collect my children from school.

I fled my home fearful and brought my children to somewhere I felt safe.

The oppression still did not end.

And I went to anybody and anywhere I could for help.

however, people that worked with me were also threatened and told if you help her or give her any financial work we will remove all of our clients from your roster.

My family members overheard my oppressors state “ we need to crush her spirit.”

And so the abuse continued in many other forms, I was forced to sign none disclosure agreements and without doing so would have broken myself and my family financially.

I was also told we would leave you alone if you place a two-page spread in a national Magazine stating how amazing you think we are, I refused as I could not bring myself to lie, although anything would have been better than the targeted oppression I was facing.

One day sitting in a hotel room feeling like my life was not worth living, I wrote to them, saying stop! Please stop! This is going to kill me! On that same day, they continued to up the anti and sent me a barrage of letters and emails.

With nowhere to turn, as all those around me had been threatened and told they must not help me.

the abuse turned much worse

some of my music was blocked internationally so that nobody could play or buy my albums.

I was afraid and broken how could a woman like me fight this.

In the end I had to accept defeat!

having lost precious hours away from my children, and now the once strong girl who would have taken on anybody for what she deemed as a just cause was now faced with a Goliath she could not beat, so I stayed silent and played nice and found myself at their mercy.

I remember my mother being very ill and needing to be there for her but having another commitment in the diary when I wanted to cancel this commitment I was told “ when I tell you to do something you fucking do it”

other comments that have been made to me throughout my career are

“ when you earn as much as you do you don't get a say in how you live your life you do as we say.”

The oppression had reached it’s absolute worst when I was called and told I had to do something that compromised my integrity I was requested to do a gig and told.

“they want you because you’re a black face.”

“you need to do it.”

“nobody gives a shit about you what else are you going to do?”

on a separate occasion it was said by the same person at an event in London.

“ black people are only good for entertaining and running, and not for sitting as ceos of companies.”

I believe the comments above come from years of unchecked systematic abuse that has been allowed to continue as people that speak out are first.


Financially oppressed or Bankrupted

Or made to appear crazy within the press and the media who often work to the oppressor's favor often the oppressors have strong connections with press and media, so they are therefore able to create any narrative they wish about whomever they want to.

and put out any story they like that counteracts with the truth or makes the accuser look bad.

And so the Systematic abuse continues, and the oppressors remain protected and in power, knowing they have full control, and feeling they are above the Law and the criminal justice system.

I have written this statement today unable to stay silent anymore however still fearful and also at a great risk to my future career in music but choosing to exercise my human right of freedom of speech and human expression, this is something I cannot continue to run away from I refuse to operate in fear.

I’m still living this, and I know there are many others too!

I have not spoken completely on all of the abuses I have suffered yet.

I’m doing this statement to support all victims of systematic abuse in every field of work and who are currently living in fear and that have had their stories silenced with an NDA.

But the music industry needs to wake up there is unchecked abuses of power none of the above will come as a surprise to most in the industry we cannot allow people to misuse their position.

Artists need to come together as one and demand their be a governing body that protects us from fraud and criminality.

as humans we do not evolve if we stay silent I have been brave today although I have not named my oppressors I have made the first move in fighting back against them.

And maybe they will come for me even more now.

But I will not be silenced I will not be forced to sign words I do not mean I will stand true to my convictions I will not be bulied.


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