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24th Jan 2018 from TwitLonger

I will not be attending DH Leipzig.

There will be a TL:DR at the bottom if you don't give a flarke.

Basically on Monday morning I started to get some symptoms of getting sick, I started taking cold & flu pills immediately. Thinking that I could get rid of it early since I wasn't actually sick yet. Boy was I wrong, I've been glued to my bed ever since and only got worse over time. Doesn't help that my immune system is about as useful as a broken door handle, with that in mind I don't have it in me to attend.

I would like to apologise to my teammates Yukeo and Kuxir, we worked so hard to get that paid spot and I'm so proud of us for getting the job done when we needed to. Secondly I would like to apologise to the FlipSid3 org, It pains me that my jersey will be tucked away for this weekend, I looked forward to putting it back on after a while of not being able to.

With everything I wanted to say out the way. We will be bringing in a sub for the event, that will be the legend @JessiePinkmaann himself. Thankfully he was happy to step in when I approached him completely out of the blue and I think he will do well since he's a god.

Sorry to disappoint all the fans that were looking forward to seeing us compete properly like you've seen glimpses of in the past few weeks. Catch you all at the next event.

TL:DR: Got sicc, immune system as useless as me in 6 mans, getting replaced by Jessie. Shoutout 2018

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