My statement

Now that I’ve arrived back home from Blizzcon and I have consulted with an attorney regarding these false allegations, I would like to make a short statement while this goes through the correct legal process. I communicated with Krystlin that the detective called me, so I wanted to talk to her and see if we could settle it between us before I went to the police. I did, in fact, go and meet with the detective to give him my testimony. The detective read all my text messages from the day of the beach club to a few days after where we went to a hookah lounge together, as well as two escape rooms with the OLD NRG roster, and we also went to Top Golf. I even showed the detective a photo of us from after the escape room. I was let go and I have yet to hear from the detective despite me trying to contact him on multiple occasions. In addition, you can see Krystlin was talking about us sharing a hotel room at the start of the text message (these are from October 3rd, 4 days after the supposed assault) for Twitchcon later that month. She still requested to stay in the same hotel room with me after the alleged assault. I will not be answering questions as recommended by my counsel. I will be taking this through the correct legal process and not the public domain.

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