It's time to talk about whats been going on.

Before i can get to the core of whats going on, i need to address everything else that has been happening that led of to this point. I'l try to make it as clear as possible as well with providing as much facts as possible.

Stream Sniping Incident:

It all started when a video (or a clip) called "Grimmmz admits to getting stream snipers banned" were it showed me mentioning that players that were stream sniping me ended up becoming banned by getting caught. This sparked so much drama and was taken out of proportion heavily. This turned into "Grimmmz got hundreds of innocent players banned" and "Bluehole bans upon word of mouth" This was never the case whatsoever.

I had to deal with SS in other games and just like i usually do, if i receiving heavy harassment on my end, i would pile up the clips, send it in. But not once have they ever banned upon my say, or my clips or my WORD alone. They do extensive investigations to make sure no one ever gets banned innocently, through that alone there was never an issue...up until the Shroud/Summit SS event.

It pretty much changed the entire outlook of what SS was, people were trying to justify it and finding grey areas, ultimately leading to what people thought were "false bans" Ever since that point, my stream, twitter and pretty much everywhere else was bombarded by hate messages. It went from trying my best to keeping the game as unique as possible, to trying my best to ignore every piece of drama for the sake of my community. Once i realized the entire change in mood, i decided to completely ignore SS and to try to keep my composure for most of the time.

Exploit claim:

Couple weeks of ignoring most of the drama, someone mentioned to me that people were pushing an old clip of me shooting under the water. Before i knew it, bam, a wave of more hate just rushed through my stream once again.

There was one thing everyone completely ignored, this post. This alone meant shooting underwater in or out of a vehicle. My viewers were concerned about the action after the first time so they reached out to her. Both instances were removed in the same exact patch. Which ever the devs deem appropriate, i follow VERY closely, i stuck with the game ever since its early state and wanted nothing but the game to thrive, not to mention it was instantly my favorite.

I had all the faith that people would dive in to understand what this meant. PoopieQueen usually does direct PR from the devs themselves (Game updates, maintenance, etc.) If anyone had a particular question about a bug, or exploit, you can always ask her and her answer would come straight from the devs. Herself and everyone is very transparent about their work and what they plan on adding and or removing.

This led to "Grimmmz uses exploits monthly, weekly, daily," "Grimmmz is a hypocrite for getting innocents banned for exploits" I realized that the point would never get across and more rumors were surfacing. So i did what i thought would be the best thing to do in the first place, Ignoring it. (absolutely trying to ignore it)

Stream Sniping "Holding down the honk button":

As days went on, i found myself (and with my friend) followed by players that would follow our every location with a car constantly honking. It's one of the loudest noises in the game and extremely hard to ignore due to the fact it flushes out every sound. Every single game we would encounter these guys and i did exactly what i practiced in the past. Ignored it, or at least, TRIED to ignore it. I noticed my community becoming extremely flustered and as much as i wanted to react, i knew it would only harm the overall vibes. So i practiced every single thing i could do to avoid it which were the same things after the first SS incident. Overlays, ID covers, minimap covers, etc.

Now you may ask, why not put a delay up? It's and easy fix right?

20-30 seconds isn't enough to deter these types of players from a slow game of PUBG and 2-3 minutes would demolish community interaction. My community was built on how well we could interact, thousands and thousands of viewers from a long day of work, bad break up or worse would come into my chat seeking for some content and a good chat. It's what i've been doing for 3 years and it made me feel like i had my own family on twitch.

Soon after the event, same exact thing happened, more people rushed in with toxicity, negativity and i did the same exact thing as before, ignored it.

I tried my very best to ignored it, after weeks of enduring what looked like blind hate, accepted it and moved on. It definitely hurt, knowing that day after day the most logical pieces of evidence would be ignored and would be completely overshadowed by hate.

After another week or two of enduring the same hate, even while trying to play other games, this happened.

With already having a full plate to deal with, this set me off. I snapped. At that point i was at the peak of my frustration and i didn't know what else to do but to hurt them back. Hurt the people that decided it was okay to try to fuck with me on a daily basis, to try to take something away from THEM as they took away from of my good vibes from me and my chat. My judgement was clouded and it was just a warpath at that point.

Afterwards i quickly realized it was the wrong thing to do and i'm sorry.

I apologize to anyone and everyone that may felt offended, including the video owners. It's an example i would never want anyone to follow, viewer, aspiring streamer, ANY one. I'm against this sort of behavior and i don't have an excuse for it. It was plain wrong and i can understand if it changed your view about me.

I understand if you don't want to watch me anymore, i understand if it changed your perspective of me. I understand it all and i'm so sorry that i couldn't turn the other cheek like i should of. I simply wanted you guys to know the path the ultimately led up to this moment, i truly thought i had a handle on it all but i lost it. I hope you had enough time to read through all of this, this was not an act of superiority of "Fuck it, i can do this so BLAM, take it" kind of thing, but more of a desperate move to hurt people i hate, and i only ended up hurting myself and the people i love.

Thank you for taking the time to see this out.

- Brian

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