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2nd Aug 2017 from TwitLonger

BEAST staff and Lolex

As many of you know there's been a lack of communication from the BEAST staff in regards of payouts, today however they finally released a statement on reddit which can be found here

tldr Lolex didn't take into account any numbers and blindly hosted BEAST 7 without an actual budget or plan in terms of finances. This combined with him isolating himself after the Annapower89 controversy is the reason why to this day nobody has been paid out yet.

As many of you know I've been actively DM'ing the staff about payments for a while now.
It started out with me tweeting a couple of months ago asking ''who can I contact in order to know more about the beast payouts?'' Some members of the staff told me to send a mail to a mail address specifically made for as the name indicates ''damage control''

I send them an email on April 13th asking for more information about the payouts.
Like I said this mail address was specifically made for handling questions such as these. The staff should have been expecting a lot of people to mail them with all the controversy behind BEAST 7 and Lolex right? They should have been checking the inbox every few days at the very least....

Nobody ended up responding to my mail for over a month. I then make another tweet about the payouts and finally Mei 28th I get an email back from explaining me that

''The accusations against Lolex made him isolate himself and made it hard to try and work out anything since he's the one that is paying out in the end. We're still working on it though and hopefully it will be sorted out as quickly as possible. As for how quickly that is, I do not know. I can only hope you understand. ''

I of course am frustrated cause according to him the main reason we haven't gotten paid yet is because of Lolex. I then proceed to make another tweet explaining the situation so that everyone that is owed money knows what the situation is at least. I then receive this message on facebook from one of the staff members

''I don't mean to be pushy, but could you please not tweet more about the mail we sent you. It's hard working with someone who has isolated himself like Lolex did as it is. We're working on it.''

Cool so now I can't even complain about the 1.5 k that's owed to me for over 3 months and if I do I'll be portrayed as the bad guy. Nothing I can do at this point since its beyond my power so I decide to wait it out

I waited untill July 26th before sending him ( the staff member ) a message on facebook saying that its been an extremely long time now and if they've made any progress with Lolex, he responds with

''Same answer, sorry''

NOTHING else...

Well cool, I guess he was expecting me to wait untill the end of time without complaining about anything?? So I ask for a more detailed explanation on the current situation and how the staff is handling it and what potential solutions are

''I can't really tell you all the details. We're waiting for responses from other people. Hopefully we'll get them soon and we can go public with the situation''

( me ) ''Dont u think i deserve to know? If ur not gonna tell me dont expect me to stay quiet''

he then responds with

''Come on, Ramin Please''

No words can describe how angry I was when I read that LOL. Did he really just say ''come on Ramin please'' after I've been patiently waiting for over 4 months and am ONLY asking for a detailed explanation on whats going on

Very frustrated at this point ESPECIALLY cause Lolex has been on 2 vacations since then, he doesn't seem isolated enough to go on a trip with his friends but when it comes to handling his responsibilities he can't function anymore? So I demand an explanation

He asks for me to wait 4 more days for a proper explanation and not tweet anything in the meanwhile. Whats 4 more days at this point so I dont go public with any of this

4 days later I received no message, waited the entire day but nothing. So again I have to be the one to initiate the conversation for the 48754th time. Send him a message on the 5th day

''I was waiting for you to write, I have prepared a post if you and I cannot come to an agreement''

I decide to not even respond to why he would wait for ME to write, it's the staff's responsibility to let us know whats happening and I'm tired of constantly bugging people for answers but anyway I didn't say anything

I finally get a detailed version of why we're not getting paid including the issues with the budgeting and lack of money etc and it all comes down to that players will most likely not get paid, very slim chance and if so maybe next year. contractors such as casters and commentators however will get paid within 3 months

He then asks me once again to not post anything about Lolex on twitter cause the bad rep would possibly isolate him again and then even casters and commentators wouldnt get paid

Again I'm very frustrated at this point, but if I complain about it it could cost a lot of people their money. So I decide to only update people on specifically the payouts and nothing Lolex related. They ask me to not post anything about lolex untill their official statement

Messaged him yesterday asking when they would post it. This is how he responds

''calm thine tits
Working on it''

Not only is this unprofessional but how can you say this to someone that you've owed money to for 6 + months? Couldn't believe what I was reading

So yeah with all this commotion going around BEAST and Lolex specifically, the staff could have done a much better job at communicating this to the public and acted extremely unprofessional these last 6 months

Lolex has been on atleast 2 out of country vacations since Beast, picture proof exist. If he payed for it or got it payed for we don't know but it still rubs us of the wrong way. Knowing this it's only fair to ask for a spreadsheet or something of all the income/expense's of BEAST 7 and Lolex

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