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14th Apr 2017 from TwitLonger

Regarding ARK Holiday Events and Easter

Hey I'm Jat, and you may remember me from such twitlongers as "Regarding Primitive+ on Xbox One", and "Regarding Survival of the Fittest on PS4". While you're reading over my tweet, your base will be unfortunately subjected to repeated raids...

Getting a lot of tweets about not planning for Easter accordingly as it's the same time each year. Just wanted to clarify that ARK Holiday events aren't cannon/part of the base game or a feature. They're just something bonus we try and do around Holidays if we're able to, as a celebration. Sometimes other work is going to take priority, and in this case, we were all well aware that Easter was coming up, just like it does every year but everyone at Studio Wildcard is focusing on wrapping up development on the main game.

Then you're probably wondering why we're doing some for Easter; we decided to reimplement some content from last year that won't require a major version update, so players are still able to get some fun out of it and earn the cosmetics if they so choose to.

We're not able to get this out on console at the right time because we're still working on getting the latest major version to you guys. Unlike previous major versions, this one is taking a little bit longer to do as we have to port over our newly update Inventory UI and make sure that it's ready for console. This process is not simple, it requires a lot of playtesting and development work and is the ultimate reason we weren't able to do a big Easter event this time. As we wanted to focus on this (for both PC and Console), even two weeks after the PC update dropped, we're still adjusting the inventory UI to be better suited for the game, and there are more changes on the way too.

In the future, we would, of course, love to do as many large festive Holiday events as possible and we're discussing ways we can better include these in our development pipeline, so they aren't so cumbersome. We still hope you all have a lovely Easter and enjoy these extra bonuses when they do come your way :)!

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