To those disappointed that Broodwar HD doesn't change mechanics, this game wasnt made for you. It was made for South Korea. Any change to mechanics would be unwelcome. I don't expect a big revival of the competitive scene outside of Korea. Brood War is an extremely hard game and a pain in the ass to play well.

If you wanted Broodwar with SC2 engine, that already exists. Mass Recall mod, entire campaign for free. SC2BW, multiplayer, also free on starter edition. Brood War is a clunky archaic nightmare to play properly and that's what the competitive scene is based around. That scene and it's current and latent fans won't accept any changes that would make the game easier to play, even if they are just quality of life changes in your eyes. The game is literally balanced around 12 unit selection cap and the inability to hotkey more than 1 building together. Changing any of those things would unbalance the game. I personally have no real intention of playing it. SC2 is already too hard for me, Broodwar is much worse. The audience that wants exactly that experience though is there and in large numbers, mostly in South Korea. SC2s popularity in South Korea is vastly overstated by casual observers. The game never took off over there, people stuck with Broodwar. The pros switched because that's where the money was, the fans didn't. There's really no way to change that, so it makes sense to just give them what they want instead of trying to convince them to play SC2. For the foreign scene though, this game isn't going to 'revive' RTS. It's in many ways the polar opposite to what a modern RTS needs to be to succeed. The revival of RTS as a genre rather than just SC2 imho requires a new Command and Conquer, something that is easy to get into but with a high ceiling. The popularity of SC2s coop mode which has now surpassed the ladder is an indicator of what your average player wants out of a modern RTS. Broodwar isn't that game. Broodwar is the anathema of it.