Leaving Reforce eSports

As a team, myself, Jayless, Zidrox, and our subs Didris and Fizik came to the decision to leave Reforce eSports. The decision came due to a number of factors, the main one being a breakdown of communication and support between us and the organisation, with much of this down to the time difference between us in Europe and the Reforce guys living in the US. We'll be considering our options with other organisations, most likely European ones, to avoid similar problems. We're still looking forward to playing RLCS and will update on a team name going forward in the near future.

From a personal perspective, I want to thank the guys at Reforce for the opportunity to represent you, and although there were some problems I wish you the best growing as an organisation, and also good luck to the North American Reforce team (Bruh, KingR17 & Guhberry) in their RLCS run and going into the future.

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