Ben McDevitt Written by Bruce Francis


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Tonight ASADA CEO Ben McDevitt rightly claimed that the Senate Estimates committee cleared him of misleading the Senate on 3 March 2016.

McDevitt failed to say the committee members in reaching that incomprehensible decision were either incompetent or were covering up for him.

McDevitt failed to say that after FOI requests by me, ASADA implied that McDevitt had misled the Senate on 3 March 2016.

The incompetency of the committee is the reason I have opposed a Senate Inquiry. I WOULDN’T would trust that committee to investigate anything. As for Senator Farrell, he should be known as Dorothy from here on. And Senator Duniam apparently shot through because it was about three hours past his bedtime.

I have irrefutable evidence that the AFL was corrupt; ASADA was corrupt; WADA used corrupted evidence at the CAS hearing; and the CAS was corrupt.

The Minister for Sport Mr Hunt has been provided with a hundred plus new untested examples of misconduct/corruption/bias/incompetency by all of the above organisations, together with scores and scores of examples of incompetence and/or a cover up by the Victorian WorkSafe Authority and the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s office.

Mr Hunt must commission a Royal Commission.

Just as importantly, last week Gill McLachlan told SEN Radio listeners that if he lied, he couldn’t do the job [of CEO of the AFL.

Within a few minutes I gave him irrefutable proof of him lying.

He hasn’t resigned, which proves he is still lying.



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