UQ Smash 27

UQ Smash 27 January recap:
@jettsmash Thanks for Running the Wii U Stream your support is always welcome, congratulations to Quen and Trunkle two people who don't Live in Queensland placing 1st and 2nd.

For those that say that there isn't a schedule for the day: http://i.imgur.com/TIyaeLh.jpg
Wii U Lunch break ends at 2:30! and it says your Lunch break starts after you finish your POOL GAMES.

1. There was a large amount of High seeded players who registered and didn't show up, one of these said they would be there to me during the week hence why they were left in the pools.

2. Due to this we will be re-instating the Pre-Registration No Show Clause, which for those that do not remember it, you will be forced to pay FULL price at the next event you enter with no Discounts issues to you (Pre-Rego/Set-up or Student) Those that registered and didn't show up this month will not be included in the list and the rule will take effect again in February. As those that didn't show up for UQ 27 were not aware of this clause.

3. If you register and you cannot show up, all you need to do is contact the Facebook Page/Post on the event page or inbox on of the T.O.'s to let us know. Its just the polite thing to do.

4. DQ's are set at 2 mins if you are still in a pool and have not yet completed your games, you may not leave for Lunch (Or with people who are traveling to get lunch) | When the Lunch break ends you must be back in the venue to resume Doubles while the Pro bracket is sorted out, having even 1 pool not 100% complete will delay the start of the Pro Bracket. I have given an official warning to the player that delayed the event, and even just one more issue with this player and they will be DQ'd from all events at the next event and up for a 2 Month Ban.

Any direct questions please Tweet them at me.

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